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1031 exchange firm
1031 Exchange
Section 1031 of the Internal Revenue Code lets investors defer taxes on profits from a property sale under certain conditions. This can make a great difference in your investment returns and even help with estate planning. In our resources, we cover the IRS rules and other details to help you successfully accomplish a 1031 exchange.
real estate coaches
Before investing your money and time in a real estate project, it's imperative to educate yourself on the strategy and local laws applying to it. This section will help you find educational resources that you can use to gain knowledge beforehand, in order to jump start your career with minimal risk and the best results.
Whether you need to borrow money to make your investment happen or want to take advantage of good rates, financing is a critical component of real estate investing. Besides its benefits, financing also poses risks and requirements you should meet. Our articles in this section cover these and other aspects of financing real estate deals and projects.
When trying to find property buyers, sellers, tenants, or other kinds of clients, the slower you move the less money you make. Marketing tools and methods have changed dramatically in recent years. It’s vital that investors understand them. In this section, our experts help you stay on top of the modern marketing trends.
Property Selling
As housing markets move from one cycle to another, professional investors who follow the fundamentals of property sales show the most consistent returns. Knowing the most effective ways to prepare will increase your chances of success. Our resources on selling investment properties share ideas to help you make the most of selling real estate.
Being a landlord is the most common and popular real estate investment strategy. While it may seem easy to just own a property and collect rent once in a while, it's actually more complicated than that. A landlord must know laws regulating the resolution of tenant disputes, how to find tenants, buy rental properties, pay taxes, and more. Our informative resources will help you gain knowledge on the possible pitfalls and opportunities that the rental business presents.
Short sale processor_corr
Short Sale
In a short sale, a lender allows their collateral property to be sold for less than the loan balance. A short sale can create a below-market purchase opportunity for investors in any market. Knowing how to navigate the process of buying an asset in a short sale can give you an advantage over your competition.
real estate transaction management software
There are many ways of investing in real estate. Some of the property investment strategies take a lower amount of capital than others but require you to put in more of your time and effort. Others are passive, but they work better for high net worth investors. Your preferred investment strategy may prioritize knowledge of financing, construction, or marketing more than other aspects. Learn about various ways to invest in real estate and choose the ones that promise you the highest level of success.
Subject To
'Subject to' in real estate investing refers to buying an investment property subject to existing mortgage. The seller deeds the house to the investor but keeps their name on the loan. The investor takes over the loan payments without having their name on the loan. This investment strategy includes legal and other intricacies to study carefully. Learn about its particularities from our experts' articles.
Property wholesalers enter a purchase contract intending to assign it to an investor for a fee. This is an important function in the real estate investment world. Wholesaling may be something that fits your financial ability and risk tolerance. Or, you can use wholesalers as a good source of properties to purchase.
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Real Estate Broker
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