House Cashin is a group of private real estate investors that specializes in residential properties investing that has been successfully operating since 2013.

House Cashin

Our Philosophy

At House Cashin we believe a win-win real estate transaction is what truly matters the most.

Where daily efforts, of all our team members, are life-changing and reinvigorating for our clients.

That is why at House Cashin our process is always customer centered and transparent.

Our Mission

Distributing instant cash to home owners who are ready to experience an easy, quick, and money making residential property sale.

Our Vision

Working closely with home owners to rapidly turn their house into cash by leveraging flexible terms, experience, and availability of funds.

Our Customers

  • Home owners who want to sell their house fast and put cash in their pocket
  • Owner of a house who are facing foreclosure and bankruptcy
  • Home owners who are ready to retire or downsize, and need cash for a down payment fast
  • Property owner looking to quickly liquidate their residential real estate assets to pay off some bills
  • Job related relocation or the loss of a job pushes home owners to quickly sell their house
  • Residential home owners having difficulty in their marriage or divorcing
  • Real estate home owner who are having trouble paying their mortgage
  • Residents want to move to a better house or neighborhood
  • Inheriting a house through the death of a family member