• Every month House Cashin gets numerous inquiries from homeowners throughout the US wanting to urgently sell their homes. We can’t realistically handle all these leads on our own.

    We look for very limited number of honest, reliable and seasoned cash investors from various cities throughout the nation who’re interested in taking on and professionally working those leads.


How It Works?

  • STEP #1
    We Receive a Lead

    We receive highly qualified leads through our website either via a phone call or a web form submission.

  • STEP #2
    We Pass The Lead to You

    We sort all the leads based on geographical location and pass to you only those from your desired area.

  • STEP #3
    You Close The Deal

    You fully take over all the forwarded leads and professionally work them until you close the deal.

  • STEP #4
    Everyone Gets Paid

    You get to keep the majority of the profits and only share with us an agreed upon beforehand percentage.

Join Our Network of Cash Investors

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