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National Directory of Investor Friendly Title Agencies


National Directory of Investor Friendly Title Agencies

Once a deal is struck to purchase real estate, a successful closing depends largely on the closing team. In most states, the head of this team is the title insurance company. When properties are bought for real estate investments, the transaction can get more complicated than the typical primary residence purchase. That is when it is essential to use title companies that work with investors to handle the closing. Often the investment opportunity only exists if the closing can happen quickly, or if a simultaneous closing can be managed. A real estate investor-friendly title company can handle these complications routinely. When it comes to finding the top-rated local title companies for investors, HouseCashin is an indispensable reference for wholesale investors and other real estate professionals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most title insurance companies who handle real estate closings are used for transactions where the buyer will live in the home. These deals have become fairly standard in the industry. They involve conventional lenders, minimal repairs, and transfers of the property from Seller to Buyer in a comfortable amount of time. By comparison, purchases for real estate investments can involve a number of components that vary from deal to deal. The funds used in the purchase could be all-cash, hard money from a private lender, or seller-financed. The transfer of the property could be between multiple parties using the services of wholesale investors and requiring simultaneous or double closings. Closing quickly on local investment properties is not only normal, but it could also be required in order to make the deal at all. A title company that specializes in real estate property investments is prepared to manage this type of closing. Not only are they experienced in the unique process of investment property closings, but they may know many of the companies and individuals involved from past dealings. By involving a real estate investor-friendly title company early in the process, an investor can get the benefit of their advice as the deal progresses. Building relationships with title companies that work with investors is a fundamental part of any successful real estate investment business

First of all, as mentioned above, a title company experienced in transactions involving investment property will effectively process transactions involving double closings or contract assignment (while other title companies may be inexperienced in this). But that's not all. In a real estate transaction, the buyer has the right to select the title company of their choosing. When an investor regularly brings their business to a particular title company, it should create opportunities for both parties. In addition to the closing services that they provide, title companies that work with investors can be a valuable partner in growing your real estate investment business. The nature of their work in tracking property ownership for title searches gives title companies the tools and experience to find properties that fit an investor’s profile. This might include properties of a specific age, properties in a certain location, and properties that have absentee owners. These are indications of real estate that could potentially be for sale. The average time of homeownership in the US is between 7 and 10 years. A title insurance company can help locate residential properties that have been owned for that long whose owners might be ready to sell. They can also find residential properties with low mortgage loan balances, or which are debt-free. Owners of those homes will sometimes be willing to provide seller financing which can be an advantage. A real estate investor-friendly title company can help you make a list of property owners in your location for your ongoing marketing and direct contact solicitations. This is the lifeblood of a real estate investor’s pipeline. Although title companies are not allowed to pay buyers directly for bringing them business, they are allowed in most states to pay for some of their clients’ marketing and advertising expenses. Many title companies that work with investors will hold training sessions and informational classes related to investment real estate.

Title companies that handle real estate closing and closing agents are very similar. Both manage the closing process making sure that all documentation that is required is included so that the property is legally transferred. The title company’s main focus is on the search and inspection of the chain of ownership of the property to make sure that clear ownership can be conveyed. The closing agent’s primary function is to handle all documentation involved in the transaction including title searches and insurance, financial documents, surveys, and deeds. A title company will have staff members who perform the duties of the closing agent, and an independent closing agent will use the services of a title company to do the title search and bring title insurance to the table for buyers and lenders. It usually makes sense for the buyer to use one company for these services, which makes using a title company for closings a good choice. Most states in the U.S. allow a title company to perform real estate closings. Some of those states require that an attorney prepare the documents, and some states only allow attorneys to manage closings. In every case, however, a title company performs the title search and provides title insurance. It always makes sense to have a strong relationship with title companies in your area.

It’s important to know if a title company is experienced in, and comfortable with managing the types of closings that you need for your purchases. You should interview several companies in person so that you will know if the agent and their company are the right fit for you. Remember, you will be working closely with them in sometimes stressful circumstances that will make the difference in whether or not you are successful. Start your questions with whether or not they specialize in properties to be used for investment. How many investment real estate closings do they handle annually? Per month? Do they have the capacity to add another client? Do they provide advice during negotiations and do they charge for that? Do they handle escrow functions? Are they familiar with wholesaling? This is important whether you are a wholesale investor or might be working with them. Have they managed double closings, sometimes called simultaneous transactions? Do they escrow contracts, and if so, when would they perform the title search on that property? Are they experienced with various types of financing? Have they worked with hard money or transactional funding lenders? All-cash deals? Can they work with out of state lenders or sellers? Do they provide assistance such as property searches, marketing, or training? What are their itemized closing costs? Do they offer discounts above a certain volume of business? Can they give you references for their work?

Making sure that you work with the right title company that specializes in real estate property investments is crucial to the immediate and long term success of your business. You have to be confident that your title company will perform reliably and on time. Having a responsive and proactive title company on your team of professionals could be the foundation of your business. Most people start with an internet search. This is basically the modern-day equivalent of going through the phone book. It’s a start, but that’s about all. Often these are large companies that aren’t experienced in your location. Look for references on their website to see if they show anyone that you can follow up with. Referrals from other investors who you know are a good source of information on title companies. Since investors are often different, with different philosophies, objectives, and levels of experience, you should be careful to research their referral for yourself. Other members of your team such as your attorney, CPA, or contractor may be able to point you in the direction of an investor-friendly title company. Be careful to ask if they have personal experience with them or have just heard of them. Without personal knowledge of the title company’s reliability, you might as well be doing a blind internet search. Use a vetted directory that offers the list of title companies for investors who work in your area, like the one found on this webpage. HouseCashin has selected these title companies that work with investors based on their actual experience and reliability. We give you the tools that you need to build a profitable real estate investment business.

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