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National Directory of Real Estate Attorneys & Lawyers


National Directory of Real Estate Attorneys & Lawyers

When buying and selling a property, you may face a complicated situation that requires an expertise of a real estate attorney. In some of the states it’s mandatory for every transaction to involve a lawyer. The role of a real estate attorney is to help you prepare documents to apply for a loan, conduct a closing, or to resolve a real estate-related dispute. Getting a real estate attorney is essential, but finding the best attorney in your location can be difficult. You can avoid countless hours of research by using HouseCashin’s national directory. Our list includes top-rated professionals from across the country. Use our local search feature to hire the services of reputable attorneys in your area.

Frequently Asked Questions

Residential real estate attorneys or realty lawyers provide legal help to people who are buying or selling residential property. Attorneys specializing in real estate assist by preparing loan documents, conducting closings, and creating real estate contracts. Lawyers specializing in real estate law can help manage and oversee the entire real estate transaction. Some of the states require that a real estate property lawyer is present for a property closing. Attorneys can also provide legal help in litigations that involve real property.

Real estate attorneys are experts in real estate law, and they can help with a long list of legal issues involving real estate. If you’re a buyer who’s interested in a home purchase via a FSBO (For Sale By Owner) sale, then working with an attorney is essential. A reputable attorney will oversee the house sale, be present for the house closing, prepare loan documents and complete the mortgage closing. When dealing with the estate of a deceased family member, an attorney is necessary for transferring ownership to the property in the will. Working with an attorney can help ensure a smooth property transfer as law offices will carefully examine a property’s title and deed to prevent or resolve disagreements or property disputes. When an agreement among the family just can’t be reached, an attorney can also guide you through partition procedures. If you’re the landlord of a co-op or condo and you have a tenant who’s destroying your rental property or simply refusing to pay rent, an attorney can help you with the eviction process. Real estate attorneys can also resolve disputes for owners whose property falls within an HOA’s jurisdiction. Working with a trusted real estate attorney can also protect you from fraud and other potential criminal activities such as real estate malpractice. On the other hand, if you’re a seller and something goes wrong with the sale that results in a legal dispute, an attorney will represent you and defend you from real estate litigators. When necessary, lawyers can walk you through the process of granting an easement to your property or requesting one from a neighbor. If you believe the real estate appraisal of your residential property was unfair, a property solicitor can help you get a fair assessment of your building or land. They can file a property tax protest to the state government to save you thousands of dollars in property taxes. Alternatively, if you’ve been struggling to pay your mortgage or real estate tax, real estate property lawyers offer foreclosure defense and can even help you organize a short sale with the lender.

The average cost of hiring an attorney largely depends on which real estate law firm you work with and what services you require. For example, the price for a real estate settlement will be substantially lower than that of a real estate lawsuit. Most attorneys have flat-rates for certain services, but charge per hour for other things. It’s always a good idea to contact a few of your local real estate attorneys to request a quote. Many will offer a free consultation so you can get a better idea of how much you can expect to spend and how long the process will be.

Conducting plenty of research is the best way to find a good real estate lawyer. You want someone who is experienced, trustworthy and properly vetted. Luckily, you can save hours of your time by using HouseCashin’s national directory. Our website lists the best real estate attorneys in your area, so you can find a reputable and experienced lawyer quickly.

When choosing a real estate lawyer, there are a few important questions you should always ask. The first question should always be about the lawyer’s experience. Ask how long they’ve been practicing and check if they specialize in any areas of real estate law. A lawyer with 20 years of experience might be better than someone who just graduated, but they can also cost twice as much. You should also ask if they’ve ever dealt with cases similar to yours. Every real estate transaction is unique, and your particular circumstances might be different from anything the lawyer has come across. However, the more experienced the lawyer, the more likely they are to be familiar with your situation. A lawyer who has successfully handled a few similar cases is always best. Ask about the lawyer's fees and about the team they’ll be working with. Do they charge a flat fee or do they work on a per hour basis? It’s also important to know if other people will be handling your case. By knowing this beforehand, you can make sure you’re comfortable with who has access to your information. Finally, ask the lawyer if they can provide any references. An experienced and trustworthy lawyer will always have past clients and associates that they can use as a testament to their abilities. Never agree to work with a lawyer who refuses to connect you to references or who acts offended by the request.

Property lawyers truly are real estate law experts. However, within one real estate transaction, the buyer and the seller should always use separate lawyers if they hire a lawyer to protect their interests. One lawyer can’t represent both buyer and seller within the same real estate transaction due to conflicts of interest. However, one attorney can oversee a transaction without representing any party, during which they will assure that the closing process is completed correctly.

Although most lawyers charge a flat fee or per hour rate, some real estate attorneys work on a contingency basis. Contingency fees are most common in cases where the client expects to recover any monetary losses should their case be successful. A contingency real estate attorney will claim that they don’t get paid unless you do. This type of lawyer gets paid by taking a percentage of the money you recover from a successful lawsuit. Contingency fee percentages can range anywhere from 15% to as high as 50%.

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