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    Phil Pustejovsky

    Starting from very humble beginnings, homeless and living out of his truck, Phil Pustejovsky rose to top of the real estate investing world by following the guidance of a mentor. After becoming a very successful real estate investor himself, Phil wanted to duplicate his efforts by sharing with others exactly how to make money in real estate. Today Phil is a financially free real estate investor, best selling author, mentor and coach to many of the most successful real estate professionals in North America. Some of Phil Pustejovsky's most successful Apprentices have even gone on to become coaches and mentors in their own right. Phil built a team of coaches and mentors that he personally trained and groomed who are among the finest real estate minds anywhere. This has allowed him to mentor a larger group of people to financial freedom.
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    Alex Martinez

    At age 19, Alex was making sandwiches for $10 an hour. At age 20, Alex went all in on real estate and completed his first deal within 45 days. That particular deal was a wholesale which brought in $22,000 of profit. In Alex's first year of real estate investing, him & his team were able to generate a million dollars of profit from wholesaling and renovating real estate. Today, Alex is an active real estate investor, and the Founder & CEO of Real Estate Skills, a real estate education platform teaching others how to build hyper-profitable real estate investing businesses through wholesaling & flipping houses across the USA. The Real Estate Skills clientele are some of the fastest-growing real estate investment companies in the United States gaining dominance in their respective markets.
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    Ryan Zomorodi

    As Co-Founder of Real Estate Skills and a Multi-Million Dollar Real Estate Investor, Ryan’s been able to become financially independent through real estate investing. More importantly, he’s also been able to help thousands of individuals accelerate their journey to financial freedom. But, it wasn't always that way. In fact, a few short years ago Ryan was a broke student doing whatever it took to make ends meet. He went down the traditional path of working his way through school, earning his college degree, and landing a high-paying sales job at a Fortune 50 company selling sugar water. After consulting with countless mentors, he realized the path to true wealth was through owning businesses and investing in real estate. Since then, he’s mastered various roles including investor in real estate across more than a dozen states, real estate wholesaler, house flipper, licensed real estate agent, property manager, private money lender, capital partner, and most recently, real estate developer building new construction homes, earning millions for himself and his investors. Ryan’s passionate about helping people from all backgrounds go all-in on real estate and change their lives, just like he did.

National Directory of Real Estate Investing Mentors & Coaches


National Directory of Real Estate Investing Mentors & Coaches

In real estate investing, learning from experience can be costly. If you can benefit from the experience of a successful real estate investment coach or mentor, it will save you time and money. Real estate investing coaches can describe the investment process as a teacher, or by mentoring you step-by-step as you work on the project together. To take full advantage of their help, you need to find a real estate investing mentor that fits your own investment profile. If your mentor for real estate investing has been successful in the type of investing that appeals to you, it will greatly enhance your business. Start your research with the directory of property investment mentors here at HouseCashin. Our list of the best U.S. real estate investment mentors and coaches will save you time and bring you early success in your property investing career.

Frequently Asked Questions

A property investment mentor is a person who you will know personally that works with you one on one to help you learn the investing business. You may also find a good coach for real estate investing that teaches general information about how to begin investing. That may be a good start for you. However, a real estate mentor for investors will be on hand to tell you how they have dealt with the details of an investment project start to finish. Property investment mentors are often investment professionals who were helped by others early in their own careers. They recognize the benefit of creating a network of potential partners and referral sources by sharing their experience with others. Your mentor will guide you as you perform the tasks that are needed to find and invest in real estate properties. They aren’t there to do your work for you. Their value is that with their help you will learn by doing things the right way. If your mentor is a partner in your deal, make sure that you are involved in every facet of the project. You should be aware of the tasks that they are handling as well as your own to-do list.

A real estate coach for investors may be someone whose business is primarily focused on teaching others. These coaches will usually charge a fee for a program or series of instructions on investing. Their fee will range from a few thousand dollars to tens of thousand of dollars. For more individual help, the amount of time required and the complexity of the deal can impact the size of the fee. Wholesaling deals and house flipping projects will take less time to conclude than apartment investing in a multi family property. Fees can range from $2,000 to $15,000. Sometimes it makes sense to enlist a mentor to help you over a period of time and pay them a percentage of your net proceeds for a certain number of deals. 20% to 30% is reasonable for a structure like this. If you know the mentor personally or by reputation in your area, or if they are highly recommended by someone you know, you may want to include them as a partner in your venture. They will receive a percentage of the profits along with you and will risk their time accordingly.

If you’ve heard of people making money quickly on real estate investing deals, you may ask “why hire a coach”? What you should ask is “how much money did these people actually make?” “What was their risk?” If their profit margin was small then they got lucky. One wrong move and they could have wound up on the negative side of the ledger. Did they follow a process that is repeatable on future deals or did they wing it? Can they apply what they learned to future business conditions? Experienced real estate investing coaches know how to protect themselves by following certain standards and deal structures. For example, they know that they need enough profit margin to create room for error in case something goes wrong. Following a repeatable process keeps them from forgetting an important step or getting things out of order, which can sometimes be just as bad. The right investment mentor can help you avoid the kind of mistake that could push you right out of the investing market. The benefits of engaging the services of a top-rated real estate investing coach or mentor is not just that they can help you make money, it’s that they can help you make more money with less risk more consistently.

First, set down your goals including the type of investments that interest you and their location. Deciding whether you want to invest locally or nationally is an important consideration when choosing a mentor. Look for a coach or mentor who has actually been successful in your type of real estate investing in your intended markets. Ask if they have examples of some of their successful investments. How long have they been investing? What has investing been like in your chosen markets the past several years and what do they see happening in the future? Is capital available for purchases and where can it be found? What is the future for rental properties if you want to buy-and hold or invest in multi-family properties? You want a mentor who is enthusiastic but honest about investing. Be careful using an informal mentor like a family friend. Some problems need to be addressed immediately and you may not always have access to someone like that. They may have your best interests at heart, but at some point an informal mentor will have to make the best use of their own time. They will stop taking your calls if they are not getting something out of the arrangement.

One of the ways that you can try to find the right mentor is to attend your local real estate investing club and learn who the successful pros are in your market. Ask the professionals on your team such as your real estate attorney or your CPA. Talk to realtors in your area to find some of the regular cash buyers. Once you’ve learned who the successful investors are, contact them and ask if they are interested in acting as a mentor or if they know someone who is interested. Work for an investment company or group to gain experience. You’ll basically be getting paid to learn. This is a patient route to take and you may need to pay your dues for a year or two before knowing enough to go out on your own. Search online for national coaches. Research them as much as possible to find out if they were successful investors themselves. Look for reviews from others whom they have coached or mentored. Finding the best real estate investing coach can take a long time. You can jumpstart the process by going straight to the HouseCashin directory of top-rated U.S. investing coaches. We have certified that the coaches found on our website have the experience you are looking for to lead you in growing your investment business.

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