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National Directory of Real Estate Wholesalers

National Directory of Real Estate Wholesalers

Whether you are trying to find local real estate wholesalers to inquire about their available wholesale deals or just to network with them, finding reputable real estate wholesalers in your local market is a challenging task. There are too many scam artists that try to sell you ‘amazing’ wholesale deals while those deals are in fact worth nothing. Fortunately, on HouseCashin platform we maintain an up to date list of all the reputable real estate wholesalers in the United States. We update our lists periodically because so many wholesalers get into this industry and already tomorrow, they are gone. Therefore, from time to time there will be some inaccuracies. That being said, we invite you to browse our nationwide directory of real estate wholesalers and contact those located near you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Sometimes property sellers have difficulty finding homeowners to buy their properties. The home may need repairs done that the seller cannot afford, or they may need to close quickly for some reason. Residential real estate wholesalers connect these sellers with investment property buyers who are looking for these types of opportunities. Wholesale property sellers are not brokers, and they don’t actually sell the property. They arrange for the property’s sale by signing a purchase contract with the seller, then locating individuals or groups who buy residential homes to use as investments and assign the contract to them for a fee. For investors, the services performed by wholesale real estate companies facilitate the process of finding attractive investing opportunities. This can give them more time to perform their diligence on properties for sale, finish renovations on homes they intend to flip, or to manage existing rental properties in their portfolio. Property wholesalers are an important part of the real estate market. Most homeowners are not aware that wholesale property investors exist and how they work. A wholesaler can be mistaken by the homeowner for a cash house buyer. That’s why before signing a purchase agreement, the wholesaler should be honest and clear with the seller about how he works, to avoid any confusion that might hurt the transaction or be considered as a fraud.

Home wholesalers find properties that can be purchased below value and arrange for them to be bought by investors. The home needs to be available at a price that will allow the wholesaler to add their compensation and still have a desirable price for the buyer. The property wholesaler needs to know how the buyers calculate their profit so they don’t waste time on an unacceptable property. Once a suitable property is identified, the wholesaler enters into a contract with the seller that states the amount that the seller will accept for the home. The contract also allows for an assignment of that contract to another entity. When a buyer is found, the home wholesaler sells them the right to buy the property by assigning the contract to them. The property wholesaler doesn’t actually sell the home itself, they sell the right to buy the home. The two most important components for property wholesalers are suitable investment properties for sale and legitimate buyers of investment properties. Some people prioritize one of these over the other, but the top-rated home wholesalers are constantly looking for both. Property wholesalers need buyers who are regularly or at least periodically buying investment residential properties. This will help them to maintain a consistent business. Once they have a list of buyers, they need to stay in touch with them so that they are aware of their current needs. Buyers who work with real estate wholesalers either want the property to fix up and re-sell, called “flipping” the house, or they want to fix the home and keep it as a rental property. In both cases, their business model only works if they find properties that can be bought for low prices.

There are two ways to determine how real estate wholesalers make money. One is for the wholesaler to increase the amount of the sale price in the assignment contract and keep the profit. The other method is for the wholesaler to charge a fee for the assignment of the contract. A fee can be based on a percentage of the total sale price or it can be a flat fee. Either way, it’s important for a wholesaler to negotiate a price for the home that will accommodate their getting paid and still fit within the buyer’s budget. A buyer will start their calculations by looking at comparable properties in the market to figure out the property’s ARV, the After Repair Value. This is the property’s market value once repairs are made. They will take as little as 70% of the ARV and subtract the estimated repair costs to compute what they will pay for a property. For these reasons it’s important for the property wholesaler to be familiar with home values in their market and construction and repair costs. Property wholesalers may use appraisers and construction professionals on their team to keep up with values and costs. This will help them to accurately assess a property’s value and its potential for a successful wholesale transaction.

Ads and solicitations placed by residential real estate wholesalers should describe the property being sold, the area where it is located, the condition of the property, known repairs that will need to be done, and the price. The challenge is that properties that are available for a reduced price may have significant problems that the wholesaler is unaware of. Potential buyers will have the chance to visit the property, sometimes meeting the wholesaler on site along with other possible buyers. When buying the contract on a property, you may not have the opportunity to make inspections. You may have to take the home “as-is”. If you are not experienced in this way of acquiring property, you may want to take along an inspector or contractor who knows how to look at properties for potential problems. When good investment properties come on the market, they can go very fast and you need to be ready. Be prepared to submit a check for an earnest money or escrow deposit along with the assignment contract. The deposit may be non-refundable. Make sure you read the entire contract carefully and consider having it reviewed by your attorney. Have your funds ready and available for closing in as little as 2 to 4 weeks.

The wholesale real estate industry has gotten a lot of attention recently as an easy way to get started in real estate investment. Because they are not actually selling property, new wholesalers don’t need a degree or licensing of any kind in order to get started. What little regulation there is can differ from one area to the next. It is estimated that the majority of those advertising themselves as real estate wholesalers have not yet done a single deal. There are good wholesalers out there, but they might not be easy to find. You could start looking for wholesalers in your local area by doing an internet search. Ads for wholesale investment properties are often placed on Craigslist and posted on Facebook. Look for signs or billboards in your area advertising for “we buy houses” companies—some of them are put up by wholesalers (while some of them belong to cash property buyers like yourself). You should carefully research anyone you are thinking of doing business with to make sure that they are legitimate. A reputable real estate wholesaler can be a great resource for many homeowners and real estate investors. The HouseCashin directory featuring the list of experienced local real estate wholesalers will give you the peace of mind that you are finding the top professionals in your area. The real estate opportunity you are looking for can be found by starting at HouseCashin.

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