5 Benefits of Using Mortgage Relief Programs in 2021

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Using Mortgage Relief Program for Your Benefit

Are you struggling to make ends meet? Is your home mortgage difficult to keep up with? A mortgage relief program may be for you!

We get it, mortgage payments can be hefty, even more so when tough situations arise.

Unemployment, layoffs, bankruptcy, divorce, emergency expenses, and other situations can leave your wallet dry, leaving you little for vital expenses such as mortgage payments.

At this rate, you may be close to foreclosure, yet another stress. That’s when mortgage assistance programs come into play.


What Is a Mortgage Relief Program?

A mortgage relief program is exactly as it sounds. It’s a program or plan that helps homeowners struggling to pay their mortgage payments on time due.

A mortgage relief program will help pay off or reduce one’s mortgage payments and work out a doable plan with the homeowner for payback.

An assistance program is crucial during times where one may struggle to keep their home.

A mortgage assistance program can help a homeowner find different types of relief such as a loan modification or a deed-in-lieu.

Different programs may be more or less beneficial for one homeowner than another.

Regardless of the program, mortgage assistance programs as a whole can provide plenty of benefits.


What Are the 5 Benefits of a Mortgage Relief Program?

So far, it becomes apparent that using a mortgage relief program has benefits, but how much do you really know about them?


1 They Can Stop or Postpone a Property Foreclosure

One who is struggling with paying their monthly mortgage payments will find relief with a mortgage assistance program.

This program, helping one pay or reduce their mortgage payments, can reduce the chances of one’s home being foreclosed.

One of the main reasons homeowners turn to a mortgage assistance program is in fact because their home may be near foreclosure, something nobody wants.


2 Payback Plans to Mortgage Relief Programs Are Flexible

Paying back one for their service or program in mortgage assistance is flexible, working around the homeowner.

Different programs may have different ways of working out with payback for their assistance.

These services are well aware that homeowners are struggling monetarily and can’t just fork out cash quickly.


3 They Reduce Considerable Amounts of Stress

Imagine you’re at risk for losing your home due to struggling to pay mortgage dues on time.

That alone is stress in itself. Surely, there is another (or several) underlying factors why one cannot keep up with their mortgage payments, such as unemployment.

In other words, there is rarely ever only one source of stress involved with risk of foreclosure.

Fortunately, mortgage assistance programs can help eliminate stress and worry in that they reduce one of the many problems you’re dealing with.

One less stress on the table, and you’re one step closer to getting to where you need to be.

There are also mortgage counseling programs one can turn to, to reduce stress and uncertainty associated with unpaid mortgage dues.

Counseling in this area is often free of charge and can provide valuable mortgage advice.


4 Different Options of Lowering or Paying Off Mortgage Payments Are Shaped to the Homeowner

There are many different mortgage relief programs out there for a variety of folks. Some mortgage assistance programs are specialized towards individuals who are unemployed.

Programs for those unemployed may assist one’s mortgage for 12 months, or until the homeowner finds a job, whichever comes first.

Other assistance programs for homeowners at risk of foreclosure are for general individuals making less than what their home is worth.

Additionally, different programs out there assist in mortgage payments in different ways. For example, a mortgage relief program may reduce one’s mortgage payments by a specific percentage.

Other programs may suspend or extend your mortgage payments until a more stable time.


5 A Mortgage Assistance Program Can Help Many in Different Hardships

As mentioned, specific programs may be geared towards certain individuals, such as those unemployed.

Other programs may be willing to help anyone eligible, specifically those who can prove they can’t keep up with mortgage dues.

Generally, mortgage assistance programs are useful for many.

There may be dozens of reasons why one cannot keep up with their property expenses, many of which can find relief through a mortgage assistance program.

Finding the right program is essential to ensure you find the relief you’re looking for.


How Do I Apply for a Mortgage Relief Program?

Mortgage relief programs have specified criteria for eligibility. This may include:

  • Proof that the homeowner can’t pay their mortgage payments on their own, even with financial aid.
  • The homeowner has not be convicted of fraud within the past 10 years, have provided false information to claim their current mortgage, or purposely denied payment or bills and/or debts.
  • The homeowner’s current mortgage was originated on/before a specific date and paid at least six mortgage payments.
  • The homeowner lives and legally owns the residence needing assistance and does not have a second home or other residential property.
  • Monthly mortgage dues must be 31% higher than the homeowner’s gross monthly income.

Above are the general requirements for Texas homeowners seeking a mortgage relief program of any kind. Requirements may vary, particularly per state.

Specific assistance programs may require other criteria to be met, such as requirement of unemployment.

To find a reliable assistance program in the state of Texas, give the Texas Department of Housing a call at 1-800-525-0657.

One you find the right program for you, determine the eligibility requirements for that specific assistance program and if it will best benefit your situation.



Mortgage relief programs are essential to those struggling with paying their monthly mortgage at risk of foreclosure.

Whether dealing with unemployment or simply struggling to upkeep mortgage dues, these programs are worthwhile for many.

A mortgage assistance program can assist one in many situations by offering different ways or lowering or paying off one’s mortgage.

Additionally, these programs reduce stress as they reduce the chances of home foreclosure.

Even better, mortgage relief programs are generally flexible to the homeowner when it comes to paying them back for their service.

Written by Brian Robbins

With over 20+ years of experience in real estate investment and renovation, Brian Robbins brings extensive knowledge and innovative solutions to the HouseCashin team. Over the years Brian has been involved in over 300 transactions of income producing properties across the US. Along with his passion for real estate, Brian brings with him a deep understanding of real estate risks and financing.