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How It Works?
Sell your home fast with these 4 easy steps
How It Works?
Sell your home fast with these 4 easy steps
Submit Your Property
Request a cash offer for your house from our Wichita Falls investors by filling out this quick form or calling our local office at (877) 355-1244.
Schedule an Appointment
After reviewing the info about your house, our representative will call you to schedule an appointment to come see your Wichita Falls property.
Accept The Offer
After getting better idea of your house’s condition, we’ll give you a fair, all-cash offer according to your local Wichita Falls’s market value.
Cash in Your Pocket
If you accept our offer, we’ll prepare all the documentation and agree on a closing date after which you’ll get paid within a few days.
Why Sell to House Cashin?
Find out why thousands of Wichita Falls, Texas homeowners have been selling
their houses to us
  • We’ll Pay Cash for Your House
  • We’ll Buy Your House ‘As Is’
  • Very Quick Closing
  • Personalized Service
  • No Realtor Commissions
  • No Closing Costs & Fees
  • No Repairs Required
  • No Waiting Months for a Buyer
Who We Help?
If you're facing any of the following situations, we'll buy your house
within 3 to 30 days:

As unfortunate as it may be, many home owners in the U.S. still face the possibility of foreclosure of their real estate properties. Although the worst of the housing crisis in 2008 has passed, the state of the economy still determines the factors that could lead to your home being taken away. You could be short of money due to cutbacks in your hours at work, and keeping up with the mortgage payments is just something you cannot do anymore. House Cashin representatives are familiar with the reality of foreclosure that potential clients face, and want to help the best way they know how. We will make sure you have cash for your home in your pocket before things get any worse.


If you have purchased a home with your spouse in the past, but are now currently going through divorce, divvying shared property can be one of the most costly and emotionally draining issues to deal with. Neither you nor your ex wants to go through the lengthy process of selling your home, but none of you want to keep paying for the mortgage too. You should then consider turning to House Cashin for a quick turnaround and fast cash. Often, we can get you money in as little as a week! It is our goal to make the process simple, reliable, and most of all fast!

Loss of income
Loss of income

Losing your job can prove to be more devastating to your lifestyle than you expected. People often budget their expenses based on the income they are making every month, so when job loss occurs, many things can change and go downhill from there. Maybe you realize that you have to start prioritizing the little money you have left in your savings, and the high mortgage you could once afford is no longer doable. Our company may be the perfect solution to your problems. Sell us your house and we will give you a great all cash offer. It is as simple as that. Have the money you need to get yourself out of financial hardship today.

Medical bills
Medical bills

Having any kind of health issue can be scary, but when the problems start to affect your mobile capability, it can be terrifying. Sudden medical emergencies like suffering from a debilitating illness or suffering from a broken bone can cause so many changes in your day to day life. Perhaps going up the stairs is now almost impossible for you to do without excruciating pain, or the size of your house is getting too hard for yourself to maintain. It is not your fault, and you shouldn’t have to suffer every day. Here at House Cashin, we take your situation to heart and will come to you if you choose us. You can expect to have cash for your home in three to thirty days, and the money you need to start a more comfortable life.


Probate proceedings and the complicated process of inheriting real estate property can be long and costly. Often time’s family members are inheriting a home from a recently deceased loved one, making the process even more personal, sensitive, and overwhelming. A quick solution that could also help you save more money in the long run could be by working with us. We offer free personalized service as soon as you make the call to us, and will guide every step of the way to make it easier and faster than you could imagine. Trust us to give you a fair cash offer on your property and to take the stress of home ownership off your hands.

Behind on payments
Behind on payments

If you are currently in the midst of major financial hardship, then you are probably reconsidering all of your goals and priorities. The credit card debt is starting to pile up. Other utility bills are getting harder and harder to pay at the end of the month. Financially, things are not going so well in your life right now and it is hard to even have money for enjoyable activities. House Cashin is the answer you have been searching for. Give us a call and we’ll schedule a viewing of your home the very day if need be! Once we make you an offer, all you have to do is accept and we’ll make the closing on your home happen at your earliest convenience. Within a month or even just a week, you could be walking away with cash in hand and less problems to think about.

Difficult Tenants
Difficult Tenants

Has the crime in your neighborhood been getting too out of hand? Are you constantly afraid for your family’s safety and wellbeing? If this sounds like you, then you shouldn’t wait a minute more for things to maybe get better in your area. The crime in your neighborhood will have a negative impact on the value of your property, and could have already lowered its worth on the market. The longer you wait, the worse chance you will have of selling it to move out and get away. Our company will buy your home for its property value and give you a fair all cash offer almost immediately.

Costly repairs
Costly repairs

One of the main reasons homeowners find it hard to sell their house is because of the many repairs needed on their aging property. Electrical outlets that don’t work, leaking water from pipes, rotting porch wood – the problems can seem endless when you are stuck worrying about them at the end of the month with little money to fix them. If you are considering to sell your home and get the most money out of one of your most valuable assets, then House Cashin is the right choice for you. Our company will buy your real estate despite how bad the condition of it may be. We want to help you get cash fast no matter what situation you may be in.

Testimonials & Reviews
Here is what our customers are saying
As a real estate investor myself, I wasn’t sure that House Cashin can close in the time they advertise. But to my surprise, once we agreed on a cash offer the closing was schedule for the same week. Great company to work with if you need to offload your house fast.
Mark W.
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I inherited my mother’s house after she passed and needed to get it sold quickly. Within 2 hours of our conversation, Ryan ran the numbers and had a contract emailed to me for signature. I thought this was going to be a long drawn out processes, but instead I was able to sell the house to House Cashin the same week.
Jessie M.
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I would not hesitate to recommend House Cashin. Everyone we spoke to was friendly, accommodating and reassuring. The offer Ryan provided on our house was fair for the condition of the home. He worked with our schedule for a move out date and closing.
Luke C.
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The City of Wichita Falls eGovernment Center
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The City of Wichita Falls is committed to bringing more government services online. Request government services 24/7.
Tax Assessor-Collector: Wichita Falls County Tax Office
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The Wichita Falls County Tax Office is responsible for levying, collecting, and distributing property taxes across the county.
Tax Appraisal District: Wichita Falls County Tax Office
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The Wichita Falls County Appraisal District is tasked with identifying and accurately appraising properties to insure proper taxation.
Local Resources
Property Tax Loan Services – Direct Tax Loan
img (866) 723-0321
If you own back property taxes in Wichita Falls, Direct Tax Loan can help you payoff your debt and save your home from foreclosure within a few days.
Real Estate Attorney – Law Offices of David F. Gossom
img 4722 Taft Blvd Suite 5, Wichita Falls, TX 76308 img (940) 687-0049
General practice representing business clients, handling civil litigation, oil and gas, real estate, contract and probate matters.
Title Company – Guarantee Title
img 2806 Midwestern Pkwy, Wichita Falls, TX 76308 img (940) 696-2600
We offer our commercial clients the financial strength and experience of multiple national title insurance underwriters.
Financial Institution for Loan – American National Bank & Trust
img 1925 Elmwood Ave N, Wichita Falls, TX 76308 img (940) 397-2333
Our mortgage department is knowledgeable, experienced, and easy to work with. We want your experience to be Simply Better!.
Home Improvement Services – Youthful Home
If you are looking for Wichita Falls’ best local home service providers, we have the top pick here for you.
Frequently Asked Questions
What are some of the benefits of selling my house in Wichita Falls, Texas with House Cashin?

You can avoid the lengthy and costly process of working with a realtor, where it could take weeks or even months to find the right buyer. You do not have to make any repairs whatsoever to your home! We will buy your property in as-is condition. We will buy your house despite any mortgage debt you could be in and ensure a fast home sale goes through. We will make you the best home for cash offer, delivering personalized service to your unique situation. You will finally have some extra cash in your pocket to use for other personal needs!

How fast can House Cashin help get me money for my Wichita Falls, TX home?

If you give us a call today, we can start the quick process of scheduling a viewing and closing of your property. Typically the whole selling process takes around two weeks. But if you are in hurry we can look if we can have your money within 72 hours!

What will be the total cost for House Cashin services after I sell my house in Wichita Falls, TX?

Zero! There are no closing costs or hidden fees during any part of the transaction process.

What areas of Wichita Falls do you buy houses in?

We buy houses from any area and neighborhood in Wichita Falls. Here are some of the most popular neighborhoods where we buy homes in: 30th and Jacksboro, 3919, 9th St, Arbor Creek, Arrowhead Ranch Estates, Avenues, Bailey, Bell Air West, Bellevue Addition, Briargate, Bridge Creek, Bubble, Cameron Gardens, Canyon Trails, Cedar Elm, Chateau Ct, Chesterfield, City View, Cole St, Colonial Park, Country Club Cottage, Covington, Crescent Village, Crossroads, Deer Creek Rd, Downtown, Edgecliff, Edgemere, Expressway Village, Faith Village, Floral Heights, Forest Cove Dr. Forest Glen, Fountain Park, Fowler Center, Freedom Estates, French Quarter, Getting Acquainted, Glenwood and Milby Ave, Highpoint, Hill, Hirshi/Burgess, J L Powell, Kovarik Road, Lake Park Drive, Lakeside City East, Lake Wellington Estates, Loch Lomand, Lucy Park, Lynnwood, Martin Luther King Jr Blvd, Midwestern Farm, Midwestern Pkwy, MLK Jr Blvd – Harding St, Newshood, Ninth Street, Northcrest, North Missile Road, Northside, Old High, Palomino St, Pawhuska, Pleasant Valley, Ponderosa, Quail Ridge Estates, Raintree, Rancho Vista, Rivercrest, Rowland Rd/Perigo St, Royalwood Estates, South Kell and Central, Southland, Southmoor, Southwest Parkway North, Southwinds, Speed-Vict-Ard-Watch, S Speedway Cottage, Starwood, Stone Creek Ranch, Stone Lake, Sunnyside, Sun Valley, Taft, Tamarron, Tanglewood, Trans-American, Turtle Creek, West McGregor Ave, West Rathgeber, WFCC, Wichita Gardens, Willow Bend, Wranglers Retreat.

About Our Service
About Our Service

Do you need to sell your house in Wichita Falls TX? House Cashin has the services you need. We are prepared to buy properties in any condition. From old one-story homes to large mansions, our company will buy them for a very fair price. So if you need our help then here’s what we can do for you. We buy homes for cash, plain and simple. The process works like this:

First of all, you contact us about the property that you want to sell.

  • We send someone to assess its value and all the other details that may be involved in the transaction.
  • We make you a fair offer based on our assessment.
  • If you agree to our offer, we will release your funds as soon as possible.

House Cashin is prepared to buy any kind of houses. It doesn’t matter if it’s old, damaged or even ugly, we are prepared to take it off your hands for a very fair and honest price. So if you need quick cash, and you want to sell your property, then we have the solution you need.

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