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How It Works?
Sell your home fast with these 4 easy steps
How It Works?
Sell your home fast with these 4 easy steps
Submit Your Property
Request a cash offer for your house from our Beaumont investors by filling out this quick form or calling our local office at (877) 355-1244.
Schedule an Appointment
After reviewing the info about your house, our representative will call you to schedule an appointment to come see your Beaumont property.
Accept The Offer
After getting better idea of your house’s condition, we’ll give you a fair, all-cash offer according to your local Beaumont’s market value.
Cash in Your Pocket
If you accept our offer, we’ll prepare all the documentation and agree on a closing date after which you’ll get paid within a few days.
Why Sell to House Cashin?
Find out why thousands of Beaumont, Texas homeowners have been selling
their houses to us
  • We’ll Pay Cash for Your House
  • We’ll Buy Your House ‘As Is’
  • Very Quick Closing
  • Personalized Service
  • No Realtor Commissions
  • No Closing Costs & Fees
  • No Repairs Required
  • No Waiting Months for a Buyer
Who We Help?
If you're facing any of the following situations, we'll buy your house
within 3 to 30 days:

Foreclosure is a terrible situation that no one wants to find themselves in. Unfortunately it happens to people everyday. No one wants to have their home taken away from them. If you find yourself facing foreclosure it is in your best interest to act quickly and consider selling. Trying to save your home can run you thousands of dollars into debt with lawyers, courts, and a plethora of other fees. No one wants to put themselves further into that kind of financial hole. It may be time to look for other options. House Cashin will work with you to buy your home for a fair price and fast. We will buy your house in any condition and in any shape. It’s time to act quickly and you can walk away with cash in hand for your home.


It’s unfortunate that many marriages end in divorce. We know that this can be a stressful and upsetting time, made even worse by the separation of assets that must be figured out. The involvement of lawyers and real estate brokers can make a complicated situation even worse. No one wants to drag themselves or their families through dealing with lawyers and court proceedings. Save yourself stress, time and money by contacting House Cashin. We will give you cash for your house and within a month you can walk away from your home with one less issue to stress over.

Loss of income
Loss of income

Unemployment may be going down, but many people are still losing their jobs. Not having a job means you will be unable to pay your bills and correctly handle finances. Being unable to provide for and take care of your family is a hard pill for anyone to swallow. Getting transferred to a new job? You may need to be at a new job within a limited amount of time to pack up your life and move. You can call House Cashin, and be able to move to your new city much quicker. With House Cashin you don’t need to deal with real estate agents and brokers that can take months to sell. House Cashin can get you cash for your home within a month or often even a week. You can walk away feeling relieved.

Medical bills
Medical bills

Health is an important factor in everyone’s life. It can take us by surprise when our or a loved one’s health takes a turn for the worse. Healthcare system in the USA is far from being merciful, and medication is expensive. The average American family cannot afford to keep up everyday expenses on top of piling medical bills. Insurance will only pay for so much until they stop. House Cashin can help you get the money you need by buying your house in the shortest time. Call us for a quick and efficient service. We will come to your home and then give you a fair offer for your property.


You were extremely grateful when you received that estate from a loved one. However, you may not want to deal with the expenses that come with owning a property. The house may need extensive repairs, which will only run you into debt. With inheriting property come lawyers, courts, mountains of paperwork, not to mention the time and energy needed. It might take even longer to sell. House Cashin will give you an immediate offer on your house and you will walk away worry free with cash in hand.

Behind on payments
Behind on payments

So you’ve had some recent financial issues. Finances are something that can take a toll on you. Credit card debt is easy to get into but very difficult to get out of. If you have made a decision to sell your property fast to pay off everything, House Cashin will help you get out of debt by offering you a fair amount of cash for your home. Get money within a month or even quicker and forget that credit card company calling you every night.

Difficult Tenants
Difficult Tenants

No one wants to raise their family in dangerous surroundings. We have to hold our families, especially our children, close. It’s also important as the years go by, to keep in mind the property value of your house and the condition of your neighborhood. If your neighborhood has become a hotbed for a gang activity and other crimes, not only does your neighborhood look undesirable but the resale value of your home goes down. The best thing to do would be to act quickly and relocate to a safer place. Call House Cashin and get an quick cash offer for your home. You can be funded in 3 to 30 days with cash to start over somewhere safe and sound.

Costly repairs
Costly repairs

It is a fact that as long as you own a house you will need things fixed on a regular basis. It’s fine if those are little repairs here and there, but sometimes a serious damage to the house can happen, making it very difficult to sell. However, with House Cashin you can relieve yourself of your home that has become a money pit! We will buy your property as is and in any condition, whether it’s destroyed by water during a flood, fire, mold, termites or anything else. Get an offer within a day after the appointment, get the sale closed within a month or even less, and walk away with cash with a feeling of relieve.

Testimonials & Reviews
Here is what our customers are saying
As a real estate investor myself, I wasn’t sure that House Cashin can close in the time they advertise. But to my surprise, once we agreed on a cash offer the closing was schedule for the same week. Great company to work with if you need to offload your house fast.
Mark W.
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I inherited my mother’s house after she passed and needed to get it sold quickly. Within 2 hours of our conversation, Ryan ran the numbers and had a contract emailed to me for signature. I thought this was going to be a long drawn out processes, but instead I was able to sell the house to House Cashin the same week.
Jessie M.
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I would not hesitate to recommend House Cashin. Everyone we spoke to was friendly, accommodating and reassuring. The offer Ryan provided on our house was fair for the condition of the home. He worked with our schedule for a move out date and closing.
Luke C.
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The City of Beaumont eGovernment Center
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The City of Beaumont is committed to bringing more government services online. Request government services 24/7.
Tax Assessor-Collector: Jefferson County Tax Office
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The Jefferson County Tax Office is responsible for levying, collecting, and distributing property taxes across the county.
Tax Appraisal District: Jefferson County Tax Office
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The Jefferson County Appraisal District is tasked with identifying and accurately appraising properties to insure proper taxation.
Local Resources
Property Tax Loan Services – Direct Tax Loan
img (866) 723-0321
If you own back property taxes in Beaumont, Direct Tax Loan can help you payoff your debt and save your home from foreclosure within a few days.
Real Estate Attorney – Templeton & Brinkley Attorneys
img 2090 Broadway, Beaumont, TX 77701 img (409) 835-5800
Before you buy or sell land, call us for knowledgeable, reasoned advice on how best to proceed.
Title Company – Texas Regional Title
img 7675 Folsom Dr #100, Beaumont, TX 77706 img (409) 861-7300
Texas Regional Title was born from a desire by its leadership to provide better service in the title industry through a locally owned and operated business area residents could trust.
Financial Institution for Loan – Sunset Finance
img 111 N 11th St, Beaumont, TX 77702 img (409) 835-3966
We strive to provide you with an excellent customer service experience every time you call us about our installment loans in Houston, TX.
Home Improvement Services – Youthful Home
If you are looking for Beaumont’s best local home service providers, we have the top pick here for you.
Frequently Asked Questions
What are the benefits of selling my house with House Cashin in Beaumont, TX?

No real estate agents or broker. No out of pocket fees. You won’t have numerous strangers coming to your home. Fast and easy service! No need to spend money on repairs and fixes.

How much will it cost me to sell my Baytown house as quickly as possible?

Nothing out of pocket. Fees are all counted into the service.

How fast can I sell my house in Beaumont, TX?

Normally, just as little as one-two weeks!

What areas of Beaumont do you buy houses in?

We buy houses from any area and neighborhood in Beaumont. Here are some of the most popular neighborhoods where we buy homes in: Downtown, Caldwood Acres, West Oakland, Amelia, Zummo, Oaks Historic District.

About Our Service
About Our Service

Are you looking for some quick cash in exchange for your property? House Cashin has the funds you need. We buy homes for cash in Beaumont and other parts of Texas, releasing funds in record time, providing the quickest service around.

If you want to sell your house fast in Beaumont TX, here’s how we can help you:

  • You contact us
  • We assess the value of your property and offer you a fair price for it
  • After a quick sale you are walking away with cash and happy

We will buy any house in any condition. Even if your property is too old or damaged, don’t let it stop you from contacting us. As long as you’re willing to sell your house, we are willing to buy it.

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