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    Submit Your Property

    Request a cash offer for your house from our Atascocita investors by filling out this quick form or calling our local office at (877) 355-1244.

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    Schedule an Appointment

    After reviewing the info about your house, our representative will call you to schedule an appointment to come see your Atascocita property.

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    Accept The Offer

    After getting better idea of your house’s condition, we’ll give you a fair, all-cash offer according to your local Atascocita’s market value.

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    Cash in Your Pocket

    If you accept our offer, we’ll prepare all the documentation and agree on a closing date after which you’ll get paid within a few days.






Service Area

ZIP Codes

We buy houses in these zip codes:

77044 | 77338 | 77346 | 77396


Government Links

The City of Atascocita eGovernment Center

The City of Atascocita is committed to bringing more government services online. Request government services 24/7.

(281) 446-3061
114 W Higgins St, Humble, TX 77338

Tax Assessor-Collector: Harris County Tax Office

The Harris County Tax Office is responsible for levying, collecting, and distributing property taxes across the county.

(713) 274-8000
901 Bagby Houston, Texas 77002

Tax Appraisal District: Harris County Tax Office

The Harris County Appraisal District is tasked with identifying and accurately appraising properties to insure proper taxation.

(713) 957-7800
13013 Northweset Freeway. Houston, Texas 77040

Local Resources

Property Tax Loan Services – Direct Tax Loan

If you own back property taxes in Atascocita, Direct Tax Loan can help you payoff your debt and save your home from foreclosure within a few days.

(866) 723-0321

Real Estate Attorney – Law Office of Mark H. Achilles

The firm has developed a reputation in the business community for producing cost efficient results and providing timely service to its clients.

(281) 446-4647
510 E Main St, Humble, TX 77338

Title Company – Frontier Title Company

With a rich pioneer tradition and enterprising spirit, real estate transactions in the state of Texas have a considerable need for research and coverage on property purchases.

(281) 812-3250
18321 W Lake Houston Pkwy Ste. #420, Atascocita, TX 77346

Financial Institution for Loan – Regional Finance

When you need a loan, you want a partner you can rely on to help you get the money you need as quickly and conveniently as possible.

(281) 540-0302
1420 FM 1960 Suite 118, Humble, TX 77338

Home Improvement Services – Youthful Home

If you are looking for Atascocita’s best local home service providers, we have the top pick here for you.

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What are the benefits of selling my house with House Cashin in Atascocita, TX?
  • Fast cash for your home in your hand quickly
  • NO worries about realtors, brokers
  • No need to spend extra money preparing your home for walkthroughs and staging
  • Rapid transactions to provide the best and most efficient service
  • You won’t have lots of house hunters coming to view your house.
How much will it cost me to sell my Atascocita house as quickly as possible?

No fees! All fees are already included into the cash offer.

How fast can I sell my house in Atascocita, TX?

In general in 3 to 30 days, but in most cases House Cashin can have cash in your hand for your house in as little as a week and a half!

What areas of Atascocita do you buy houses in?

We buy houses from any area and neighborhood in Atascocita. Here are some of the most popular neighborhoods where we buy homes in: Sunset Ridge West, Atascocita Trails, Kingwood Glen, Atascocita Timbers, Atascocita Park, Kengwood Glen, Kings River Villas, Sunset Ridge, Atascocita Forest, Summer Lake Ranch, Parkside At Kingwood Glen, Atascocita Meadows, Atascocita Acres, Timberhills, Marathon Village Walden On The Lake, Eagle Springs, Paintball City, Houston Groves, Kings River Village, Pinehurst Of Atascocita, Park At Atascocita, Trophy Village Walden On The Lake, Lindsey, Timber Forest, Chateaux At Pinehurst Apts, Villages At Tour 18, Deer Trails, Atascocita Trace, Atasca Woods, Old Atascocita, Sportsman Village Walden On Lake Houston, The Groves, Atascocita Oaks, Windmill Place, Laurel Place, Timberlakes.


Reasons You Might Need To Sell Your House Fast

Facing Foreclosure

We all know the economy is still a bit rough. The housing market is still in repair. Unfortunately, you may have found yourself in risk of foreclosure. You can wind up spending so much money on legal proceedings that may not have a favorable outcome.

It’s easy to put yourself in a deeper financial hole by trying to save your home. Once it is lost you will have nothing and it will be too late to gain from it. You must act now before it is too late and you walk away with nothing and unable to start over.

This is where House Cashin comes in to help! We will come in, buy your house, and give you cash for it. Not only will you be out of risk of foreclosing but you will have cash in hand to help start over.


Sometimes in life divorce and separation happen. Its unfortunate, but a true reality for a lot of people. It is understandable, but also frustrating when deciding how to separate assets and what to do with them.

Dealing with a divorce can involve so many moving parts like money and lawyers. Who needs the added stress of finding a real estate agent to help sell your home? On top of emotional stress you have to worry about making your home presentable to potential buyers.

With House Cashin, you can at least make this part of a difficult situation a bit easier. We will move quickly to appraise your house and make an offer, so that you will have cash in exchange for your house in no time.

Job Loss/Transfer

Have you found yourself out of a job or being transferred? Life can move at the speed of light. Losing a job or being transferred can be life altering situations. You might need to make some quick decisions about your home.

As savings begin to run out you may want to consider putting your house on the market. This could be a very long drawn out process involving realtors and extra expenses. This only equals more stress on your plate.

House Cashin is here to take some of this stress off of your plate. We will asses your house and make you an offer. Normally, in no more than a week you can be walking away with cold hard cash in exchange for your home!

Health Issues

Health issues are something that can completely turn our lives upside down. Oftentimes after the insurance won’t pay for care anymore, it has to come out of your own pocket. Healthcare and medicine can run into the thousands and quickly.

This can leave you in a panic about how to pay these expenses. Another problem is that your home may not be accessible for you or a loved one to get around comfortably. Installing equipment to make it easier can cost so much money. Why not just find another place that is easier to get around?

When you contact House Cashin, we can lift this burden. We are able to look at your home, make you a fair offer, and you are able to walk away with cash and a sense of relief.


Did you just inherit a piece of property? Do you not know what to do with it? As thankful as you may be for it, you might not be interested in a house at the moment. Maybe your plate is full and you can’t take on anymore.

There is no need to be stressed dealing with lawyers, brokers and the courts. All of that takes time and money that you are looking to save. No worry here. Just call House Cashin.

We will take care of it, making the process fast, easy and painless. Best of all, there are no extra fees to pay out of pocket.

Financial Problems

Are you deep in debt? Behind on all your payments? Life comes at you fast and sometimes you get in over your head. Jobs can be hard to come by and credit card interest rates can be through the roof.

Sometimes it seems after trying everything you just can’t seem to make ends meet. You aren’t the only one. You certainly are not alone. You have quick options, and don’t have to put yourself into more debt.

If this sounds like you, call House Cashin! House Cashin will come and look at your house, give you a fair offer, and if you accept you can walk away with cash in your hand sooner than you could imagine!

Neighborhood Crime

It is important to have a safe place to raise your family. However, as times change so can neighborhoods. Have you seen more crime than usual on the news in your neighborhood? Higher than usual crime rates can make your neighborhood less desirable and make your property less valuable.

It is understandable to not want to live in a neighborhood that is on the way to being undesirable. Trying to sell a house in a less than desirable area can take a toll on the buyer.

It would be difficult to convince a buyer to want your home. With House Cashin you will not have this problem. We will pay cash for your home and give you the freedom to start over.

Major Repairs Needed

It is no secret that houses require constant upkeep. There is always something that needs fixing and changing. At first these repairs seem small but after years of living in a house bigger things fall apart. With bigger repairs comes bigger costs.

Sometimes finding people to properly fix what needs to be done can be a long hard road. It’s hard to filter through all of the of research and recommendations made by friends and family. The longer you put off repairs the more dangerous they can become.

No one wants to put themselves and their families at risk or in harm’s way. It’s time to act quickly and call House Cashin. House Cashin will give you cash for your home. No need to make any major repairs, we will buy as is, fast.

Cash In On Your Equity

No one will deny that owning a house is expensive! If it isn’t one expense it is another. Between your mortgage, taxes, repairs, and even utilities, each month you can feel like you are getting deeper into a hole.

Buying a house is supposed to be an investment, not a financial burden. If you feel that all the expense you put into your house is not worth the investment call House Cashin.

We will  give you a fair quote for your house, and normally we can have cash in your hand within a week or two. You can walk away feeling relieved and confident.




About Our Service

Do you need to sell your house fast for a quick cash? You have come to the right place.

House Cashin takes pride of its remarkable years of providing reliable services to our customers in the Atascocita, Texas area. We buy homes for cash.

With us, the selling process is simple and hassle-free. There is no need to repair anything. We work with professional investors who will not take advantage of your financial need.

We have ample knowledge and experience in this business. We are confident enough your property is safe with us. Rely on us and discover why we are the best company for the job.

The best thing is, we buy all kinds of houses in any condition. If you would like to sell your house fast in Atascocita TX today, we would love to talk with you. Never hesitate to contact us for an offer. So, what are you waiting for?

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