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National Directory of Property Tax Attorneys & Lawyers


National Directory of Property Tax Attorneys & Lawyers

State and local property tax laws and regulations can be complex and inconsistent. If your property is taxed by multiple governments, mistakes on either side can inadvertently create a property tax dispute. You may need the help of property tax attorneys at some point in your investment career or homeownership. If a tax agency brings up a mistake from years ago, you’ll not only owe delinquent tax, you could owe interest and penalties as well. You may need an attorney for back property tax negotiations. A tax lien could put you in default on your mortgage loan. Real estate tax attorneys can handle the matter with your lender. HouseCashin will take away the stress of finding the right property tax attorney. Our directory of top-rated local attorneys will lead you to the best tax attorney in your area to resolve all your property tax issues.

Frequently Asked Questions

Counties and municipalities across the US charge their citizens a land tax or property tax. These taxes are based on the value of your real estate. Local government agencies have to evaluate hundreds or thousands of properties that are located in different markets within their jurisdiction. As they do it in bulk rather than appraising each property individually, mistakes are bound to happen. An inaccurate value assessment of your property can cost you a lot of money in higher taxes. Another possible problem is that if your tax payment isn’t handled properly by the tax office, you could be considered delinquent. Property tax lawyers are licensed professionals who are experienced in working with property tax issues. They know the correct procedures and the officials that they need to deal with on behalf of their clients. They are particularly helpful if the matter has reached the point that you are delinquent or in default on property tax payments. Property tax lawyers can advise you of your rights and obligations, explain the law and its consequences, negotiate on your behalf to resolve the matter, and go to court to defend your interests.

The focus of a tax consultant is your tax liability. A tax lawyer is concerned with your legal liability. Tax consultants are usually CPAs, Certified Public Accountants. They have to go through rigorous training and examination to receive the CPA designation. Like other professionals, tax consultants often have a particular area of expertise. You need a consultant who is experienced in property tax issues. You should consider selecting a CPA for your investment business that is also qualified as a property tax consultant. Property tax consultants can explain:

  • your area’s property tax
  • its implications for your business
  • the process for challenging your property’s tax value (tax certiorari).
Property tax attorneys, on the other hand, are licensed lawyers who specialize in the area of property tax law. Although they may not actually prepare or file your taxes for you, larger firms sometimes have accountants on staff who provide those services. In addition to explaining the law and helping you with assessment challenges, an attorney:
  • can represent you in court
  • is bound by the attorney-client privilege.

Many times the appeal process is routine. If you have all the documentation and forms that are required, you won’t have any problems. Both a consultant and a lawyer can tell you what you need to do to challenge your property value. The biggest difference is cost. Tax consultants usually charge much less than an attorney. If your situation stays within the consultant’s area of expertise, you should be able to rely on them for assistance. If you run into legal issues, then you should engage a tax certiorari attorney. If there is legal liability involved, a reputable consultant will immediately advise you to consult with an attorney. They may even be able to recommend one.

Property tax attorneys either charge an hourly fee or a flat rate. The size of their fees depends on where you are located. Attorneys in smaller markets charge less than those in metropolitan areas. Flat rates are based on the services that are needed. These can include an appeal, negotiating installment agreements or offers in compromise, or litigation. Flat rates can start from $750 for simple appeals and reach $5,000 for complicated litigation. In the largest cities, your cost may be higher. Hourly rates run from $175 to $400 in most places, $600 in metropolitan areas. If there is a lot of background research to be done, that work should be done by associates in the firm whose hourly rate is lower. Bear in mind that if a simple appeal turns into a more complicated case, your costs could go up.

Experience is key. You should ask them how long they have been practicing property tax law, how many cases they handle per year and the size of their cases. You always want to hire professionals that work with people or companies of your size. If your case is the smallest one the firm is working on, you can expect to be handed off to the least experienced member of the staff. Make sure that they understand the nature of your property investment business. Ask them to describe their typical client and look for someone who knows your particular type of property issues. Ask about additional training or certifications that they have. There are a number of trade associations that provide training such as the National Association of Tax Professionals, the American Society of Tax Problem Solvers, and the National Affiliation of Property Tax Attorneys.

Referrals are a good way to start. Ask your other professional service providers such as your real estate attorney or accountant if they know a good property tax lawyer. It's legal for them to accept a referral fee for doing this, so make sure you trust them to give you a valid referral. Most people use online search for everything these days. That’s fine, but the marketing that you find on websites isn’t always an accurate representation. You still want to find reviews or referrals for the attorneys you find online. HouseCashin provides a list of the top-rated property tax attorneys in your location. Our staff is constantly finding, vetting, and following the best tax attorneys for property owners like you. The attorneys in our directory are selected for their reliability and experience. You can relax knowing that you are in good hands with one of the attorneys you’ll find on HouseCashin.

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