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How It Works?
Sell your home fast with these 4 easy steps
How It Works?
Sell your home fast with these 4 easy steps
Submit Your Property
Request a cash offer for your house from our Westerville investors by filling out this quick form or calling our local office at (877) 355-1244.
Schedule an Appointment
After reviewing the info about your house, our representative will call you to schedule an appointment to come see your Westerville property.
Accept The Offer
After getting better idea of your house’s condition, we’ll give you a fair, all-cash offer according to your local Westerville’s market value.
Cash in Your Pocket
If you accept our offer, we’ll prepare all the documentation and agree on a closing date after which you’ll get paid within a few days.
Why Sell to HouseCashin?
Find out why thousands of Westerville, Ohio homeowners have been selling
their houses to us
  • We’ll Pay Cash for Your House
  • We’ll Buy Your House ‘As Is’
  • Very Quick Closing
  • Personalized Service
  • No Realtor Commissions
  • No Closing Costs & Fees
  • No Repairs Required
  • No Waiting Months for a Buyer
Who We Help?
If you're facing any of the following situations, we'll buy your house
within 3 to 30 days:

The divorce process is taxing enough in itself. When you’re looking to undo what was meant to be a life-long affair, we can help divide your assets by liquidating your real estate property through a quick sale. Should you find yourself among the 10.2% of Westerville residents who can relate to how complicated divorce can be, let us lend a hand by putting cash in your hand in a timely manner.


Parting with a deceased loved one weighs heavily on you emotionally and mentally. If you’ve recently inherited a property after a parent’s death or the passing of a friend or family member, we can fast-track the estate probate process through giving you the opportunity to receive cash for your home. You can use the funds to tie up necessary strings and go through your healing process with a deserved financial cushion.


When you’re looking to relocate to a new Westerville neighborhood or leave the city for a new home, HouseCashin is ready to buy your old home in any condition it’s currently in to expedite your transition. Whether your new job comes with a new location or if life has brought you to another area for another reason, we’ll work to get you your money fast so you can confidently make your move.


When you’re faced with foreclosure, you need help fast. Fortunately, HouseCashin gives you a way to sell your property as is, so you can exchange your residential property for emergency cash. We’ll help you with finding the income you need to help in your pre-foreclosure process and assist you in avoiding foreclosure loose strings and hangups. As cash house buyers, we can get you your lump sum of money in only days.

Tax Lien
Tax Lien

If you owe property taxes or are looking for a way to settle outstanding debt, we can help. Our top priority is to sell homes quickly to get cash back into your pockets. We’ll handle existing debt associated with your property by personally contacting tax authorities and lien holders. After we’ve wrapped up what’s necessary to clear your title, we’ll trade cash for your home.

Behind on Payments
Behind on Payments

At HouseCashin, we understand that falling behind on mortgage payments is a time-sensitive matter that calls for speedy action. Don’t face the threat of losing your house alone. Instead, sell your property quickly and use the cash from our real estate transaction as fast financial relief. We’ll work to get you a sale in 3 to 30 days that leaves you with no-strings-attached cash.

Loss of Income
Loss of Income

Although Westerville’s unemployment rate is lower than Ohio’s average at 3.2%, those living without a paycheck need a fast solution to pay for expenses that don’t stop coming. If your household is struggling with little to no money coming in, consider taking advantage of our readily available offer estimates that can give you an idea of how much you stand to earn from turning your property into cash.


Bankruptcy is a long and stressful process, that much you already know. However, you might be overlooking a way to simplify getting funds to draw from for Chapter 13 repayment and reorganization plans. As a company that buys houses for cash, we can liquidate your residential real estate assets in only days. Shorten the amount of time you spend stressing over finances with HouseCashin.


Although part of the American Dream is to have the biggest house on the block, you don’t have to live in a house that’s much too big and hard to sustain to live a good life. Downsizing is a great way to save money and resolve lingering debts. HouseCashin’s policy for buying and selling houses saves you time and money, which comes in handy when you’re moving into a more cost-effective home. Homes in Westerville have an estimated median house average of $220K, which means you can expect to receive a substantial amount of cash from us for your property, normally, in a couple of weeks.

Difficult Tenants
Difficult Tenants

As a landlord, you face the recurring chance you’ll have to deal with difficult tenants that cause you to lose funds. In some cases, harmful renters can make your rental property drain on your finances. Cut the cord and boost your finances by turning your investment house into cash. We’ll buy your property in its current condition and make sure our transaction ends with you walking away happy.

Costly Repairs
Costly Repairs

HouseCashin has purchased real estate properties with mold and termite infestations, water and fire damage, flooded rooms, and more. If your home is partially destroyed and in need of costly repairs, don’t worry about lengthy and expensive renovation and repair costs. We’ll roll all costs into our cash offer so you walk away with exactly the amount of money you were promised.

Medical Bills
Medical Bills

A sudden illness or injury can cause you to go through another kind of emergency entirely. While the median household income for Westerville residents nears $88,400, you can struggle to pay for care regardless of how your income measures up. In this situation, you need immediate assistance or else your situation is likely to get worse. Sell your house fast to get the funds you need to take care of yourself and your needs.

We Buy Houses in Westerville, Ohio and Surroundings
We Buy Houses in Westerville, Ohio and Surroundings
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The City of Westerville eGovernment Center
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The City of Westerville committed to bringing more government services online. Request government services 24/7.
Tax Assessor-Collector: Delaware County Tax Office
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The Delaware County Tax Office is responsible for levying, collecting, and distributing property taxes across the county.
Tax Appraisal District: Delaware County Tax Office
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The Delaware County Appraisal District is tasked with identifying and accurately appraising properties to insure proper taxation.
Local Resources
Real Estate Attorney – Joseph E Budde, Attorney at Law
img 259 W Schrock Rd, Westerville, OH 43081 img (614) 764-0000
I have a dedicated commitment to provide my clients the highest level of professionalism and personal, courteous service.
Title Company – First American Title Insurance Company
img 514 N State St, Westerville, OH 43082 img (614) 895-8972
First American Title provides comprehensive title insurance coverage and escrow & closing services for purchases, construction, refinances, or equity loans.
Financial Institution for Loan – Third Federal Savings & Loan
img 412 Polaris Pkwy, Westerville, OH 43082 img (614) 523-3149
Third Federal is a better bank. We’re a bank you can believe in.

Frequently Asked Questions

Because we make selling your home straightforward and simple, you enjoy a range of our great benefits of doing business.

  • After our contract is finalized, you can expect to count your cash either the same day or within 3 days and know you’ve finished a win-win real estate transaction.
  • HouseCashin purchases your home as is, which means you don’t have to spend any of your money covering repairs and remodeling costs.
  • HouseCashin provides the quickest home sale transaction you can experience in Westerville, Ohio.
  • Our methods ensure you avoid paying middlemen such as realtors or real estate brokers. You also won’t have to fear us slamming you with unexpected fees hidden in paperwork.
  • The best part is that you benefit from all of our signature services right in your home, which makes this process even more convenient for you.

NOTHING! You can expect all fees to be rolled into your offer, which means all you have to do is enjoy your cash!

HouseCashin is proud of its record of seeing homes sold in only 3 to 30 days, which is much faster than the average amount of time it takes to close an offer through the traditional housing market. You receive the cash within 72 hours after the sale is closed. Of course, individual circumstances relating to each property can speed up or delay the process. With this in mind, you can expect to sell your house fast with HouseCashin in days.

About Our Service
About Our Service

HouseCashin focuses on being able to present homeowners with much-needed cash and create a real estate transaction that leaves each client with a strong sense of accomplishment and confidence. Our policy consists of simplifying the real estate sale process for homeowners looking to get money from their property quickly. HouseCashin has built its reputation for personable service.

We individually assess each client’s property and situation to determine a win-win course of action. As a business consisting of private real estate investors and cash house buyers, we are dedicated to changing lives through simple and easy real estate transactions that reinvigorate homeowners.

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