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    Request a cash offer for your house from our Rowlett investors by filling out this quick form or calling our local office at (877) 355-1244.

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    After reviewing the info about your house, our representative will call you to schedule an appointment to come see your Rowlett property.

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    After getting better idea of your house’s condition, we’ll give you a fair, all-cash offer according to your local Rowlett’s market value.

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    If you accept our offer, we’ll prepare all the documentation and agree on a closing date after which you’ll get paid within a few days.






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What are the benefits of selling my house with House Cashin in Rowlett TX?

There are several benefits of selling your home quick with House Cashin.

  • You’ll get fast cash after a simplified process.
  • No remodeling or fix-ups required when you sell your home through us. We buy as is!
  • You can expect your home to sell quick.
  • We charge no initial fees that relators and brokers would charge prior the process.
  • Service is specialized to you, the client.
How much will it cost me to sell my Rowlett house as quickly as possible?

No need to worry about paying initial fees! After the process, you’ll only have cash as we charge fees through the transaction.

How fast can I sell my house in Rowlett TX?

We guarantee you’ll go through the complete House Cashin process in just a week. We value our clients’ reasoning for needing to quickly sell their property.


Reasons You Might Need To Sell Your House Fast

Facing Foreclosure

Failing to keep up with mortgage payments can lead anyone to foreclosure. It’s a heart-breaking, stressful process nobody deserves to go through. No matter the reason behind the potential foreclosure, there’s one thing clients have in common:

They need their home sold fast! A realtor or real estate broker won’t give you the fast service you require, especially in the case where you need out of your home quick.

With House Cashin, we work quickly with each client to sell their home as soon as possible. You’ll have pocket money, less stress, and a sold property in no time. This way, you can move on with your life and leave the foreclosure stress behind you sooner than expected.


Going through a separation or divorce is already too much for a person to handle. When it comes to your currently-shared property, this is just another major stress added to the mix.

Fortunately, House Cashin gladly works with clients dealing with separation or divorce, even if they have not yet decided on the next living situations. We’ll help you make the settlement by selling your current home quick.

You can trust us to make you a cash offer in just seven days! Others can’t even guarantee to have your home sold in two months. Why wait longer and have more stress buildup on your plate when you can have it done quicker?

Job Loss/Transfer

Rowlett unemployment rates only slightly decreased since 2012. Regardless of numbers, unemployment can happen to anyone at any time. Even being unemployed short-term can bring drastic stress to a family.

To aid your loss, House Cashin works quickly with clients to sell their home quickly. Fast cash and less stress are two components we are proud to provide.

For those dealing with a job transfer, our speedy process ensures you can find a new home in your transfer city faster than you would with a realtor or broker. We know you need to get out fast, which is why we shape our service around the client.

Health Issues

Health issues of all types and intensities are not only tough physically, but also financially. Sometimes, a current living situation is no longer convenient for those with dwindling health, and it is time to find a more suitable and sometimes more affordable home.

Whether you need a smaller home, a better location, or a home that is generally geared towards your health, you can sell your current home quickly with Home Cashin. With health problems, one cannot wait long to find a better living situation.

You can count on us to turn around cash in seven days or sooner. We won’t keep you waiting during these difficult times.


Skip out on the extra expenses of putting real estate assets into a trust or dealing with probate proceedings when you can sell your home through us. Getting approval to sell your home is a mess; you don’t need more stress. For this of many reasons, House Cashin doesn’t make clients wait around just to sell their home.

Our quick, easy process ensures less frustration and a quick turnaround convenient for you. You won’t want to have it any other way when you receive cash in a week and have a sold property with little work required on your end!

Financial Problems

Financial problems arise for a variety of reasons. Whether it be due to a cut in pay or simply too high of bills, House Cashin is on your side. We will sell your property quickly and effortlessly to ensure you get cash in your hands in just a week.

Our quick service allows our clients to move on from their current property into one more suitable for them financially. When the going gets tough, House Cashin is there to lighten your load.

Our staff know that financial problems are more than just a physical problem; they’re emotional too. This is why we gear our company around a stress-free process.

Neighborhood Crime

Theft is by far one of the biggest crimes in Rowlett. When it comes to raising a family, staying out of an unsafe neighborhood is especially a top priority. For this reason, moving out of a home in a bad neighborhood is a great reason to use House Cashin.

We quickly tend to our clients’ needs by giving them personalized service, fast cash offers, and a convenient interaction to make selling their home a great process. This gets you out of a bad neighborhood quicker than others promise. Our company ensures you have extra time for house hunting in a safer location.

Major Repairs Needed

It’s tough trying to sell a home when you have major repairs that need to be made beforehand. Not only are home repairs expensive and stressful, but the process of repair sets off the time you could be selling your home. If you’re like most people, you want and need your home sold quickly.

Fortunately, we take your home off your hands whether or not there are major repairs needed. We make it simple for you and still give you your desired outcome: quick cash and a sold property. It’s a process through us that is so simple, you won’t want to go through a realtor.

Cash In On Your Equity

When you can’t seem to keep up with mortgage rates and property taxes, you may come to the realization that it’s time to sell your home. This is situation is already stressful and financially nerve-wracking as it, so selling your home is a whole new barrier.

With little money to spare, we know you need to get out of your home quick. We help you sell your home faster than the average realtor while cashing you in within a week, all for your convenience. After this quick process, you can be sure to be in a more affordable home or rental in no time!




About Our Service

Need to sell your house fast in Rowlett TX but don’t have time to do it? The good news is, we have time for you. If you are in need of quick cash, House Cashin can come to the rescue.

We buy homes for cash in any condition. Whether your residential property is old or new, you don’t have to worry at all. With us, there is no need to sell your house through traditional channels.

For the past years, we take pride of being the best home buyer in the Texas area. We are proud of our achievements in the real estate industry.

Our company takes home buying to the next level. The selling process is simple and easy. No matter what your reason is for selling your property, you can rely on us. If you would like your house to be put on sale today, never hesitate to call us.

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