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    If you accept our offer, we’ll prepare all the documentation and agree on a closing date after which you’ll get paid within a few days.






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ZIP Codes

75104 | 76001 | 76002 | 76063 | 76065 | 76084


Government Links

The City of Mansfield eGovernment Center

The City of Mansfield is committed to bringing more government services online. Request government services 24/7.

(817) 276-4200
1200 E Broad St, Mansfield, TX 76063

Tax Assessor-Collector: Tarrant County Tax Office

The Tarrant County Tax Office is responsible for levying, collecting, and distributing property taxes across the county.

(817) 884-1100
100 E Weatherford St, Fort Worth, TX 76102

Tax Appraisal District: Tarrant County Tax Office

The Tarrant County Appraisal District is tasked with identifying and accurately appraising properties to insure proper taxation.

(817) 284-4063
2500 Handley Ederville Rd, Fort Worth, TX 76118

Local Resources

Property Tax Loan Services – Direct Tax Loan

If you own back property taxes in Mansfield, Direct Tax Loan can help you payoff your debt and save your home from foreclosure within a few days.

(866) 723-0321

Real Estate Attorney – Gallini Law, PLLC Jon C. (Kit) Gallini

This firm believes that our competitive legal fees, fast turnaround time, competency, and friendly personal service, justifies the utilization of our firm for all your legal needs.

(817) 303-2820
990 North Walnut Creek Drive #1003, Chase Bank Building, Mansfield, TX 76063

Title Company – Reunion Title

Reunion Title is a title company staffed with the highest caliber of professionals, creating quality customer service unparalleled in the area.

(817) 473-1531
1000 N Walnut Creek Dr # C, Mansfield, TX 76063

Financial Institution for Loan – Security Finance

Offering quick and easy solutions to financial stressors is what we do, but the desire to help our fellow community members is why we do it.

(817) 473-6422
980 N Walnut Creek Dr #112, Mansfield, TX 76063

Home Improvement Services – Youthful Home

If you are looking for Mansfield’s best local home service providers, we have the top pick here for you.

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What are the benefits of selling my house with House Cashin in Mansfield TX?

You have nothing to lose when you sell your house as fast as possible with House Cashin:

  • After the transaction, you will come away with actual money in your pocket and swelling with pride after having sold your house so quickly.
  • You don’t need to bother fixing up your house. We will buy your home in the condition it’s already in.
  • It will be the fastest home-selling transaction you have ever had.
  • You don’t need to spend any time or money hunting for realtors and real estate brokers, and paperwork fees are upfront and clear.
  • The greatest part of all is that we give you one-on-one service right at your front door.

How much will it cost me to sell my Mansfield house as quickly as possible?

Not one penny! All associated fees are pulled in with the transaction, which means that all you have to do is pick up your CASH!

How fast can I sell my house in Mansfield TX?

We can buy your house and put the cash in your hand usually within a week or two.

What areas of Mansfield do you buy houses in?

We buy houses from any area and neighborhood in Mansfield. Here are some of the most popular neighborhoods where we buy homes in: Antigua, Auburn Park, Bankston Meadows, Berry Hill, Bird Park, Bower Ranch, Cabot Estates, Calendar, Cannon Drive, Cardinal Oaks, Cardinal Park, Carlin-Paul, Claremont Estates, Country Club Estates, Country Meadows, Dover Heights, Ember Creek Estates, Enchanted Acres Estate, Estates of Creekwood, Evolv, Fern Oak Addition, Five Oaks Crossing, Fox Glen Village, Garden Heights, Heritage, Hidden Lakes, Hillcrest, Holland Estates, Holland Meadows, House Rd, Hunter Oaks Estates, Hwy 157 / Turner Warnell, Kings Mill, Ladera, Lake of Creekwood, Lone Star Ranch, Lowe’s Farm, McCampbell, Meadow Glen, Nelmwood, Newt Patterson, North Holland, N Park Ridge Dr, Oak Hill Village, Oakview Estates, Parkhill Estates, Pemberley Estates, Pleasant Acres, Polo Crossing, Remington Ranch, Shadow Oaks, Shady Valley, Shannon, South Pointe, Spring Lake Estates, Strawberry Fields, SW Mansfield, The Arbors Of Creekwood, The Oaks, The Villages At Spring Lake, Towne Crossing, Trails, Twin Creeks, Villages of Park Hill, Villas Di Lucca, Vista National, Vistawood/Maple Terrace, Walnut Creek North, Walnut Estates, Walnut Hills, West Broad, Woodland Estates.


Reasons You Might Need To Sell Your House Fast

Facing Foreclosure

Foreclosure rates are on the rise in the Mansfield area, so if you’ve fallen behind on your payments, you might be in trouble. When your mortgage and interest fees are adding up, there’s no way a miracle is going to get you out of this one.

You are going to need to take matters into your own hands immediately, and consider selling your house while you still can. As soon as your foreclosure proceedings have started, it’s going to be a tough time getting any equity back.

It’s not going to be enough just to sell your house. Sell it as fast as you can with House Cashin.


A divorce can be ugly enough, but when you and your spouse have to go through splitting up your property and assets, your life can become very ugly. You are your spouse might not be able to reach an agreement as to who is going to stay in the house.

If that’s the case, you’re going to need to move out of your primary residence as fast as you can. Luckily, House Cashin has just your situation in mind.

We have experience working with both parties in divorce in order to come to an agreement that will get your property out on the market fast and you can receive your cash payment in no time.

Job Loss/Transfer

Lately the housing market in Mansfield has been dealt a dramatic blow due to oil prices and the country’s overall economic situation. If you have just lost your job and need to move to a place where more jobs are available, you are one among many.

A typical homeowner transaction process often takes months to finish, and when you are out of a job, you just don’t have that kind of time. You need a fast cash offer on your home in order to have the money to move in a timely fashion.

Health Issues

Everyone at some point experiences health issues that can affect how well you can live in your current home. Certain health conditions can create problems if you want to continue living in your house.

There might come a time when you just can’t climb that staircase or reach the kitchen cupboards anymore. Even an odd floor plan could become an unexpected issue when moving around in your daily life.

A commonsense solution is to sell your house quickly and find a better, easier place to live, such as a condo or a smaller house. You want to have your house sold fast, while you still have control over your health and life.


Going through the proceedings of a will and getting the approval to make a real estate transaction can be an intimidating ordeal. If you have not yet set up a trust and transferred your real estate assets into it, you might be able to spare yourself that cost.

You need to think about selling your property as fast as you can, before there is nothing else you can do. Don’t put yourself through all the jumps and corners of trying to gain permission to sell yourself, or you might go insane.

Financial Problems

Many people who need to sell their homes quickly have financial problems, they owe a lot of money to someone and they just don’t have the money to pay it back.

Maybe you have staggering credit card debt, overdue car payments, a ridiculous mortgage, or student loan payments that have the bill collectors ringing your phone every day and night demanding their money. If you can’t count on a miracle, selling your home might be your next best bet.

When you are in a financial crisis, you need to sell your home quickly, with enough cash to pay off all of your debts and leave you with enough money to survive. If that is the case, House Cashin is exactly what you are looking for.

Neighborhood Crime

With crime rates are going up in Mansfield, you might be tired of repairing broken car windows or getting your pockets picked. Crime also substantially devalues your property, not to mention the emotional turmoil that living in a blighted, dangerous neighborhood can cause for you.

The right decision is obvious. Sell your home right now and go somewhere else as fast as you can. Protecting your family always comes first. We will quickly move in and give you cash for your house so you don’t have to put up with crime any longer.

Major Repairs Needed

Living in a house where there is always something wrong or always something that needs to be fixed can drive you crazy.

Maybe you were suckered and bought a “lemon” property, or maybe you have lived in your house a long time, if you can’t afford to make the necessary repairs to a house, that can put you and your family at risk.

If you crunch the numbers, you might find that it’s more efficient to sell your house and move somewhere else. Relieve yourself of the constant headache of fixing and maintaining your house. House Cashin will put money in your pocket and take that house off your hands!

Cash In On Your Equity

Property taxes, mortgages, and many other costs that come with owning your own property are going up. With that in mind, maybe it’s time to use your equity and relieve yourself of the financial migraine of owning a costly home.

Why not just sell your house right now, and use the money to check your bucket list?

You can pay off your debts, take your family on the vacation of a lifetime, or you can invest your earned money into another property that’s better for your needs.




About Our Service

So you need to sell your home quickly but don’t have any idea what to do. The good news is, we can help you sell your property for quick cash.

In case you want to sell your house fast in Mansfield TX, just know that you have found the right company for the job. House Cashin has many years of experience in the house selling industry in the Texas area.

We work with reputable investors who are willing to have a mutual beneficial transaction with you. They will give you an offer and if you are satisfied with it, you will be paid based on your timetable.

Regardless of your individual situation, we buy homes for cash in any condition. Whether your property is new or old, there is no need to worry at all.

Request an offer today and find out how our company can facilitate a quick sale for you.

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