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    Request a cash offer for your house from our Killeen investors by filling out this quick form or calling our local office at (877) 355-1244.

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    After reviewing the info about your house, our representative will call you to schedule an appointment to come see your Killeen property.

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    After getting better idea of your house’s condition, we’ll give you a fair, all-cash offer according to your local Killeen’s market value.

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    Cash in Your Pocket

    If you accept our offer, we’ll prepare all the documentation and agree on a closing date after which you’ll get paid within a few days.






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What will I gain from selling my Killeen home to House Cashin?
  • Your home will be sold with speed and efficiency without the hassle of a realtor.
  • There are no hidden fees or additional charges, House Cashin will buy your home for a fair price.
  • No extra effort in trying to sell your house, we buy homes in “as is” condition.
  • Sell your home in Killeen quickly, in return for cash in hand.
  • You will have a satisfied experience selling your house with House Cashin’s easy-to-understand process.
How much money will I spend if I hurry to sell my Killeen home?

It will cost you not a thing! Everything is included in the transaction which leaves you walking away with CASH in hand!

How soon can House Cashin buy my home in Killeen, Texas?

It can take less than a week to have your house sold and cash in your pocket!


Reasons You Might Need To Sell Your House Fast

Facing Foreclosure

Foreclosure is a tough situation you may be facing. The consequences of a foreclosure are hard to tackle. It lowers your credit score by a significant amount, can put you in debt and can put you out of a place to live.

Facing foreclosure is scary. Your future can be at risk if you foreclose your house. Your options may be limited and you’re in a difficult financial situation. Fortunately, you can sell your house before you’re forced to foreclose and it’s too late.

Not only can you save yourself from debt and a plummeting credit score, you can also make money. Selling your home to HouseCashin can get the house off your hands fast and reward you with cash.


Separation and divorce are a hard decision. Your family is breaking apart, you’re hurt, and you’re experiencing a major change in your life. You’ve not only invested time and love into your relationship, you’ve also established a home.

You may be lost and confused when facing the trouble of what to do with your property. You’re looking for a quick and easy solution to your shared home.

Selling your Killeen home is the best option for you. You can sell the house without the hassle and paperwork you’d have when selling with a realtor. We can help your family navigate through this tough time by buying your home asap.

Job Loss/Transfer

You’ve recently lost your job. Your primary source of income is now gone. Your home in Killeen will no longer be affordable with your change in employment status.

On the other hand, you may have been offered a job position elsewhere. You have the opportunity to relocate. Your home is holding you back from transferring.

With either situation, you’re left worried and anxious. You need to sell your property fast to solve your dilemma. You don’t have the time or the money to sell your house with a real estate agency. Don’t fret, you can quickly and easily sell your home with House Cashin.

Health Issues

Severe health issues can drastically change your life. You may not be able to work and medical bills are pouring in. Expenses are adding up and you need to gain some control.

Your house might also be hard for you to live in if you’re dealing with physical ailments as well. You need to either downsize or find a change in floor plan to better suit your health needs.

Your home is a stressor and you need to get rid of it. By selling your house, you can downsize or relocate into a home that is more fitting for your needs.

A simple solution is making a fast sale and receiving the cash in hand so that you can pay your bills and buy a more reasonable home.


Inheriting property is a major responsibility. You’ve been given a house and you’re not sure what to do with it. You’re feeling overwhelmed and at a loss.

Many people inherit property from a loved one who has passed away. The heartbreak of losing a loved one and the stress of a funeral is a lot to handle. Not to mention the expenses you suddenly take on for the funeral and from the house you just received.

You have bills you need to pay and now a property on your hands unexpectedly. To ease your troubles, you can sell your home fast.

Financial Problems

Financial problems may be putting you in a tough spot. Your credit score is dropping, your debt is getting worse, and your money is tight.

Bill collectors are calling non-stop, your loans are getting out of hand, and your job isn’t paying you nearly enough. You’re stuck in a predicament and you’re losing hope.

You need money to get you out of this situation. You’re paying bills and dealing with the expenses of upkeep on your home in Killeen.

It seems like there’s no way out and your finances are out of control. Selling your house can ease your worries. You can sell your house as is and get cash quickly.

Neighborhood Crime

Living in a neighborhood that feels unsafe can severely impact your well-being. You want to feel comfortable and secure in your home. You may fear leaving your house or that it will get broken into.

You’d like to move but a crime-filled neighborhood usually decreases the value of the homes. It’s hard to sell a home in an area with a high concentration of crime. Lucky for you, House Cashin will buy your home.

Regardless of the condition of the home or the neighborhood, we will buy your house. You can sell your home as quickly as possible and receive cash in hand.

Major Repairs Needed

When you first moved into your home you were excited. At the time, it was perfect for you. Now, your home is falling apart around you. Your house needs major repairs and money is tight.

You can’t afford to fix the repairs and you also feel that your home is now unlivable. The best option would be to sell the home. The sooner the better, as the property’s value will decrease the longer it remains without repair.

We buy homes in any condition for a fair price. You have the opportunity to sell your house without fixing it. Go ahead and sell your house to us fast and receive cash.

Cash In On Your Equity

The decision to cash in on the equity of your home can be for many reasons. Maybe you’re searching for a change in location. Maybe you’re in need of money and you’re tired of getting calls from bill collectors.

Maybe you have loans gaining interest and you urgently want to pay them off. Maybe you’re just ready to move on and live in a different space.

Take the opportunity and sell your house now. Cash in on your equity and sell the house quickly. There’s no need to make any fixes, we will buy your house for a fair price.




About Our Service

If you wish to sell your house fast in Killeen TX, we are ready to give you the fair all-cash offer that will make it worth your while.

By counting on House Cashin, you can wave goodbye to all the frustration your unwanted property has been causing. Allow us to buy the house today – regardless of how it looks. After all, we buy properties in any condition.

Whether you are avoiding foreclosure, moving, facing divorce, or upside down with your mortgage, you can always save yourself by selling to us for quick cash.

We take all sorts of properties off sellers so that they can go on living normal lives free of the stresses that come with trying to find a dependable buyer.

We can also help you get rid of an unwanted property you inherited, a vacant home you no longer occupy, or anything that you no longer need.

Even if it requires repairs, you can be sure that we buy homes for cash and we will take it off your hands at a fair price. Talk to us today to learn more about how we can help you sell your house fast in Killeen TX.

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