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    If you accept our offer, we’ll prepare all the documentation and agree on a closing date after which you’ll get paid within a few days.






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What are the Benefits of Selling My Harlingen, Texas Home with House Cashin?

The benefits you’ll enjoy with House Cashin surpass those of any other method.

  • You will have cash in your hand in less than a week, plus the satisfaction of a complete transaction with no loose ends.
  • Is your house in need of repair? No worries! We buy houses regardless of condition.
  • Quick sales – you’ll be amazed how quickly House Cashin will sell your home.
  • Economics – Traditional methods of selling a home are filled with ‘hidden’ fees. Our method is upfront, straightforward and inexpensive.
  • Doorstep service – you never have to leave your home to sell it.

How Much Will It Cost to Sell My Harlingen, Texas Home?

Transaction fees are included, leaving you with no surprise expenses and a very low bottom line.

Can I Sell My Harlingen, Texas House Fast?

Absolutely! Our specialty is a quick and efficient sale, which means faster cash for you.


Reasons You Might Need To Sell Your House Fast

Facing Foreclosure

Although it’s never a fun occurrence, foreclosure can and does happen. It’s far easier than most people think to get behind on a house payment. This is very common if your income is lower than it was when you purchased your house.

Letting time run out and allowing the bank to take possession of your house is a bad situation. If possible, it’s always better to sell your house quickly, then use the money to begin repairing your financial state.

If you’re wondering how to sell your house, you’ve come to the right place. House Cashin can help you through an often-irritating process quickly and easily.


A separation or divorce can be one of the hardest times in your adult life. Nothing seems to make sense, and you may feel as though there is just too much to be done in a day.

In many divorces and separations, the question of who gets the house is hotly contested. If an agreement can’t be reached, selling the house and splitting the cash is the most common outcome. Quickly selling your home through House Cashin can help!

During this already stressful time, don’t let your house become yet another thing to worry about. Give us a call to learn how quick and easy the process of a quick home sale can be.

Job Loss/Transfer

While Harlingen has plenty of great jobs, it’s not one of the hottest career opportunity spots in the state. In areas like Harlingen, job losses are common, as are transfers. You may be faced with a choice of moving or losing your job entirely.

If you’ve lost your job, you may be wondering how you’ll keep up with house payments and maintenance, or whether it’s better to move. Either way, a fast home sale can help a great deal.

If you’ve been transferred, there’s no question about it – you need to sell your home quickly! Let us help, putting cash in your hand quickly so you can worry about the rest of the job transfer process.

Health Issues

Health issues are something commonly associated with a home or selling one, but they can play a crucial role. Some injuries change lives, requiring wheelchairs and specially equipped homes. Sometimes, purchasing a new home is less expensive than converting your current property.

Taking in an older relative can also mean major changes in housing. Some families opt to move instead of converting their existing home. Things like ramps, wider doorways and other elderly-friendly features can be very expensive. Sometimes they’re easier to find ready-made than build. In addition, many elderly people benefit greatly from a single-level home where they can avoid stairs.

If a family member suffers a long-term illness, moving to be closer to a hospital is a common occurrence. While the initial upheaval can be annoying, it’s a smart move in the long run. We can help you make the transition a smooth, quick one.


If you’ve never dealt with a long, drawn-out probate court experience, consider yourself lucky! These legal battles can drag out for years if heirs don’t agree or a will is not clear. Even selling something which legally belongs to you can become impossible.

You can prevent these issues, in many cases, with a quick home sale. Call us today and learn about how we can help you avoid unnecessary legal trouble.

Financial Problems

Financial issues don’t have to be as serious as foreclosure to negatively impact your life. Many people today are swimming in debt. This can be due to credit card bills with high interest rates, outrageous student loans, unexpected medical bills or car payments, among many others.

Regardless of your personal financial issues, selling your home can be a great solution. You’ll have cash in hand to pay off some (or all!) of your debt.

You’ll also be free to find a house more suited to your current needs. If a quick home sale sounds like a good way to pay down your current bills, call us today.

Neighborhood Crime

Safety is paramount to happy home ownership. Unfortunately, crime rates can make this nearly impossible. While Harlingen is well below the national average when it comes to violent crime, it is above the Texas average.

If you feel that your current neighborhood has become unsafe, you may benefit from a quick home sale. House Cashin can help you sell your current home quickly, freeing you to seek out a new home in a safer neighborhood.

Never feel embarrassed about moving due to crime worries. We understand how to sell a house fast. This brings you quick cash, freedom to move and – best of all – peace of mind.

Major Repairs Needed

Is your house a lemon? Have you let major repairs go due to financial restrictions? If so, your repairs may have become more trouble than they’re worth.

If you’re tired of fixing things, it may be time to let House Cashin sell your home. You’ll enjoy a quick, easy to understand transaction and be free to seek out a more stable property.

Cash In On Your Equity

Even if you’re not in a stressful situation, the equity in your home can be used for many different things. Purchase a smaller home better suited to your needs, take a vacation or put your child through college – the possibilities are endless.




About Our Service

Do you want to sell your house fast in Harlingen, TX? A quick house sale company is your best bet if you want some quick cash. 

One of the advantages of using such companies is that you can sell your house without going through the lengthy processes associated with conventional house sales.

The beauty of using these services is that they also eliminate the need to engage third parties such as real estate agents, inspectors and lawyers.

If you reside in Harlingen, you are in luck. House Cashin is a quick house sale company which buys homes for cash. As a seller, you do not have to worry about repairing your house before selling it to us.

We buy homes in any condition and ensure that you get a competitive offer in return. Whether you want some quick cash to clear a debt or to sort out your finances, our services will definitely be of help to you.

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