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    Request a cash offer for your house from our Grand Prairie investors by filling out this quick form or calling our local office at (877) 355-1244.

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    After reviewing the info about your house, our representative will call you to schedule an appointment to come see your Grand Prairie property.

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    After getting better idea of your house’s condition, we’ll give you a fair, all-cash offer according to your local Grand Prairie’s market value.

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    Cash in Your Pocket

    If you accept our offer, we’ll prepare all the documentation and agree on a closing date after which you’ll get paid within a few days.






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What are some reasons why I should choose House Cashin to successfully sell my Grand Prairie, TX home?
  • We will guarantee buy your property and provide you with fast cash in three to thirty days! No more worrying about if you will actually find a buyer willing to pay a fair price for your home.
  • We will buy your home no matter what state it is in. Damages and all, we will still give you the fair all cash offer today!
  • No closing costs or hidden fees at any point in the transaction process.
  • We work extremely quickly to ensure that if needed, you can have cash for your home in a week!
  • No realtor commission fees to worry about! We are a group of private real estate investors that provide clients with personalized services for free!
Will I need to pay anything at all to sell my house fast with House Cashin in Grand Prairie, TX?

No, you pay nothing because there are no closing costs or hidden fees. We pride ourselves in delivering tailored services to our customers to get them money fast.

How quick can I expect my house in Grand Prairie, TX to sell and get me money?

Within only a week you can expect to have cash for your home from us!


Reasons You Might Need To Sell Your House Fast

Facing Foreclosure

It can be every homeowner’s worst nightmare – facing foreclosure. It could be due to a multitude of reasons, too. The company you work for could be cutting back on your hours, or you could just be racking up bills from old student debt.

Either way, it has resulted in falling behind on major mortgage payments that could mean losing your home. Before you let that happen, take action today and call House Cashin for a quick, obligation-free cash offer.

We will get on it before the foreclosure process starts, and schedule your closing date after you accept our fair cash offer all in one week!


To simply put it, divorces and separations can be as dreadful as we allow them to be. They can also be productive and a lot can come out of it for both former partners. Then it comes down to dividing up property and other legal differences, you need the best and most trustworthy help around.

Our company can work with both parties involved to get money back just as fast if the house is co-owned. We work realistically to make the home sale go through fast so that both people can walk away quickly with cash to continue on in their futures.

Job Loss/Transfer

The economy fluctuates every year for better or worse and with that comes a fluctuation and change in the workplace during these times as well. You could be affected in ways that cause you to lose your job, or when your boss needs to change your position and transfer you due to a lack to personnel and hires.

The change at work could be a good thing for you in the long run, but now you need to worry about relocation and selling your old place. A quick solution to this is selling your house to House Cashin. You save money and time when you work with us, and you get your money and freedom as soon as we schedule a closing date.

Health Issues

Health issues obviously range from mild to serious, and most people usually just worry about getting over a cold or mild case of flu. However, as with anything in life, a person’s circumstances can change in an instant, and can leave someone completely helpless too.

If this has happened to you or someone you know, then you understand what it is like to cope and get situated with life now drastically different. You could suddenly now be in a wheelchair, and you are stuck trying to get around a home with many stairs and corners.

Don’t be stuck and make a call to us to change your life. The money you get from selling your house could be used to relocate to a more comfortable setting where it is easier to move around and function!


Inheriting a home from a family member or friend can be very exciting, until you find out that perhaps the person who once owned it didn’t pay off all the taxes on it. The financial burden and responsibility now fall on your shoulders, where you have to decide whether to commence with future probate proceedings, lawyers, and other legal obligations that could and most likely will come your way.

The easy and more affordable way to deal with this situation if you do not want to be responsible for the property is to sell your home to us. You’ll be saving money by skipping the realtor and buyer sale process, and getting money for your property value within a week.

Financial Problems

Are financial problems and countless bills haunting you in your sleep? Are you tired of having to budget crunch at the end of the month because the bills are adding up?

Well you aren’t alone, homeowners across America are struggling to find financial balance in their lives because of soaring home costs and past debts. If you feel like you are at your end and you want to take the stress of owning a home away, then call House Cashin right now. It could be the right solution for you if you need quick cash in your pocket and one less prominent bill to take care of.

Neighborhood Crime

When crime begins to spike in your neighborhood, you immediately think of the safety of you and your family. If you happen to own real estate in a bad neighborhood, but not live there, you still risk the reality of your property value going down significantly.

Whether the crimes are because of stolen property or murder on your street, the entire neighborhood can now be deemed as dangerous, especially for future potential families. Our company will still give you an all cash offer for your home, despite the level of crime, and you can walk away knowing that you made a fair amount of money for your property.

Major Repairs Needed

All home owners usually know that one small house problem gone untreated can eventually blow up to be a potentially major repair and expensive bill. The amount of repairs you now need on your property are countless, and the idea of ever selling your house is a dying one because it is so bad.

Most realtors would say to lower your home cost to cheaper than what it was originally worth because of the damages, or to just wait for the right buyer. Both of these options could mean that you have to wait months or even years for someone to consider buying your place.

Don’t wait that long, skip the realtor, and call us. We strive to provide our clients with personalized services, and will gladly buy your house in as-is condition.

Cash In On Your Equity

The many responsibilities of being a homeowner are finally catching up to you, and perhaps you are looking for a change and different pace in life. Maybe you are ready to say goodbye to the property taxes and house maintenance responsibilities, and want to live a life not tied down to one place.

Consider talking to our professionals at House Cashin and cashing in on the equity on your house. You will gain not only the money you need to make this new change in your life, but also the most simple house transaction experience you could ever hope for.




About Our Service

The real estate market moves in cycles. The month in which you list your house on the market has a very strong correlation to how long it takes your house to sell.

If you can afford to wait a full year to sell your house at the right time, this is great news. But what if you need to sell your house now?

House Cashin can give you a cash offer for your home in any condition today. We buy homes for cash all across Texas. If you want to sell your house fast in Grand Prairie, TX, we’ve got team members standing by to help you immediately.

We understand that selling your house is a big decision. That doesn’t mean you want to wait for optimal market conditions or the perfect offer.

Rather than wait, let House Cashin give you quick cash for your Grand Prairie home. We’ve got the cash ready to hand over already, and we’re experts at making offers and counter-offers with lightning speed.

Plus, our years of experience in the business make us one of the fastest buyers around when it comes to closing.

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