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    Request a cash offer for your house from our Georgetown investors by filling out this quick form or calling our local office at (877) 355-1244.

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    After reviewing the info about your house, our representative will call you to schedule an appointment to come see your Georgetown property.

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    After getting better idea of your house’s condition, we’ll give you a fair, all-cash offer according to your local Georgetown’s market value.

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    If you accept our offer, we’ll prepare all the documentation and agree on a closing date after which you’ll get paid within a few days.






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What are the benefits of selling my house in Georgetown through House Cashin?

House Cashin provides an onsite evaluation of your home in any condition. After a speedy assessment of your property, we make an all-cash offer and set a closing date at your convenience. We make property sales as simple as possible and secure a cash payment for you in a few days.

What are the requirements to sell my home in Georgetown as quickly as possible?

With House Cashin, you can rest assured you will experience a fast real estate transaction with no lengthy or complicated requirements. You don’t need to worry about repairs, pending foreclosure proceedings, etc. We will handle the purchase of your home in any condition. All we need to get started is to hear from you by telephone or online via our online submission form.

How fast would House Cashin be able to purchase my Georgetown home?

If you are looking to avoid a lengthy, convoluted real estate transaction, consider selling your property to House Cashin. We provide a quick and efficient real estate service that starts as soon as you contact us. House Cashin will take care of scheduling a fast assessment of your home and come up with a fair all-cash offer that can be sent to you within days of your closing date.


Reasons You Might Need To Sell Your House Fast

Facing Foreclosure

Falling behind on property payments can happen to anyone. The problem is that taxing offices make it nearly impossible to catch up by adding late fees, penalties, and increased interest rates to the original amount owed.

When this starts to happen, foreclosure becomes an all too real possibility. However, by taking immediate steps to sell your Georgetown property with House Cashin, you can avoid a foreclosure altogether and keep from losing all of your equity.

We’ll work fast to get through a property evaluation with you and arrange an all-cash offer which you’ll receive a few days after closing. Secure your finances and contact us as soon as possible.


Finding yourself in the middle of separation or divorce proceedings can be a stressful, bewildering experience in and of itself. Unfortunately, the nature of these proceedings is such that financial issues are never far behind.

There are financial solutions available though. One option you can consider is a fast sale of your Georgetown real estate property. At House Cashin we specialize in buying homes fast. We don’t require repairs or inspections.

We conduct property evaluations ourselves and make all-cash offers on homes in any condition. Secure a purchase of your home and cash in on your equity through House Cashin.

Job Loss/Transfer

A job loss or transfer can deal a huge financial blow to homeowners. Suddenly, you’re left with no source of income to take care of your property payments or any other expenses such as credit card bills, utilities, groceries, etc.

House Cashin can help you stay financially afloat during situations like these. Through a fast sale of your Georgetown property, you can secure a ready source of income that you may use in whatever way you deem fit.

In addition, we provide a fast and easy real estate service that won’t add further strain to an already stressful situation. We conduct a speedy assessment of your home in any condition and send you your property payment in a matter of days.

Health Issues

Oftentimes, life can deal you an unfair hand when it comes to your health. Unfortunately, medical problems are almost always accompanied by a myriad of costs that insurance won’t cover.

Dealing with medical bills can add further pressure and anxiety to an already stressful situation. At House Cashin, we can help you deal with the financial aspects of your medical care costs through our real estate services. We purchase any home in any condition within Georgetown.

There’s no need to make repairs or arrange for an inspection of your home. Simply give us a call or submit an online form and we’ll work quickly to make sure your home is purchased and that you walk away with money in your pocket.


A property inheritance can go one of two ways. It can be a welcome event, or it can spell financial disaster.

The latter case is especially true if the property taxes on a home are extremely high or if the house is in dire need of repairs. If you have inherited a property in Georgetown and it’s simply not financially feasible to keep it, let House Cashin offer you an all-cash purchase of your real estate.

Our purchasing process couldn’t be easier. Simply give us a call or submit an online form, and we’ll make all the necessary arrangements.

Financial Problems

Financial difficulties are something that everyone goes through at one time or another. Some financial difficulties you can readily resolve on your own while others can seem insurmountable.

With the latter, it’s in your best interest to take immediate action before your situation worsens. House Cashin can work to help you find a solution to monetary problems. We are a real estate service that aims to purchase your Georgetown property in as little time as possible with minimal stress.

If you are looking for a quick entry of money, give us a call or submit an online form to schedule an onsite evaluation of your property and begin turning your finances around.

Neighborhood Crime

While owning a home brings its own share of stressors, nothing can be more worrisome than witnessing a rise in crime in your own neighborhood. While criminal activity may be out of your hands, you can control your proximity to it.

Making the decision to move away from a crime-ridden area should not be delayed. If you come to the conclusion that it’s in your best interest to move to another neighborhood, House Cashin is here to help make that happen as quickly as possible.

We won’t hassle you with long waits or drawn-out closing cycles. Contract signings and closing delays are set at your earliest convenience. In addition, our all-cash payment for your Georgetown property ensures that you can begin looking for a new location almost immediately.

Major Repairs Needed

The unexpected nature of major property repairs can leave you with major unexpected expenses as well. In addition to your mortgage and property taxes, you now also have to worry about covering the cost of repairs to your home.

Whether this is an expense you can afford to take on or not, it’s always best to keep your options open and consider a fast sale of your Georgetown property through House Cashin. A fast sale of your property would mean you don’t have to worry about making any repairs to your home.

In addition, you’d receive a ready entry of cash in a matter of days after closing, allowing you to look into other real estate prospects.

Cash In On Your Equity

There are numerous reasons that go into the decision to sell your property, but the bottom line is that capitalizing on the equity you’ve built provides a fast entry of money.

House Cashin understands this and will work with you to make the most out of your Georgetown real estate property. Contact us to schedule an evaluation of your home. There’s no need to rush to make repairs or renovations. We’ll purchase any home in any condition.

In addition, after accepting our all-cash offer, we will arrange for a closing date that’s convenient for you and send you your payment within a matter of days.




About Our Service

If you want to sell your house fast in Georgetown TX today, we are the right company for the job. House Cashin boasts many years of experience in the home buying industry.

Regardless of the condition of your residential property, you can sell it. We understand your need of quick cash and buy your homes in a fair manner.

With this, we do our best to help you sell your house as soon as possible. We are not picky. This means we purchase townhouses, condos, duplexes and homes in any condition. The best thing is, the selling process is fair and simple. You will receive the payment fast.

We always aim to provide 100 percent customer satisfaction. Selling your home with us is hassle-free and convenient. If you need our help, contact us today.

We offer a no-obligation consultation for free. Learn more about House Cashin. Discover why we are one of the most preferred home buyers in America.

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