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    Request a cash offer for your house from our Bryan investors by filling out this quick form or calling our local office at (877) 355-1244.

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    After reviewing the info about your house, our representative will call you to schedule an appointment to come see your Bryan property.

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    After getting better idea of your house’s condition, we’ll give you a fair, all-cash offer according to your local Bryan’s market value.

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    Cash in Your Pocket

    If you accept our offer, we’ll prepare all the documentation and agree on a closing date after which you’ll get paid within a few days.






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How will I benefit from selling my house in Bryan, TX on House Cashin?
  • When the real estate transaction is complete, you will walk away with cash in hand and a feeling of accomplishment.
  • We will by the home “As Is:” the remodeling and repairs are on us.
  • The fastest home sale transaction you can experience.
  • No worrying about spending money on real estate brokers or realtors, and we won’t hit you with unexpected fees in the paperwork.
  • All of these personalized services come right to your doorstep.
How much will it cost to sell my Bryan, TX home?

Nothing! Fees are included in the transaction, so you walk away with only the cash!

How quickly can I sell my house in Bryan?

We can get you funded and ready to go in less than a week!


Reasons You Might Need To Sell Your House Fast

Facing Foreclosure

As foreclosure rates are rising, falling behind on your loan payments could lead to a serious problem. When mortgage rates and interest keep adding up, you might feel hopeless, but waiting for a miraculous solution is not a good option.

Take immediate action. Before you take on any more debt, you should consider selling your home with House Cashin. It is almost impossible to get equity back after the foreclosure proceedings begin.

Avoid falling further into debt and let us help sell your house now. We can offer the most money for your home in the quickest amount of time.


Divorce or separation are some of the most stressful times anyone can face. Figuring out what to do with the house is a major headache. We can help lessen the stress of this difficult time by helping to sell your house fast.

If you cannot afford to keep your house after the divorce, or if you simply want to move somewhere else, you could risk foreclosure if you wait too long to sell.

You have a lot on your mind during this difficult time. Your house does not have to be one of them. We can help sell your home for cash quickly.

Job Loss/Transfer

Low oil prices and the nation’s uncertain economic situation have taken a toll on the Bryan, TX job market in recent years. If you have been let go from your job or are relocating for work, you do have options.

We can help you get the funds you need for your move fast. Instead of waiting for a homeowner loan for a mortgage buyer, take a cash offer from House Cashin to start the process as quickly as possible.

Health Issues

If you are facing health issues, your home can unfortunately contribute to problems in your daily life.Difficulties climbing a staircase, maintaining a large home, and navigating a tight or uncomfortable space are just a few of the problems that can arise in your residence.

Don’t wait for these problems to get worse. We at House Cashin can help sell your current home and use the money for a more suitable environment for your needs.


Getting approval for real estate transactions through probate proceedings can be daunting. Setting up a trust for your real estate assets can be expensive as well.

These legal processes are often complicated and time-consuming, and it may feel like jumping through hoops to sell your own home. We can help. Avoid the headaches of the probate process and costly trusts and consider selling your home with House Cashin now.

Financial Problems

If you are facing financial issues and are looking for a solution, you are not alone. Many people are looking to sell their homes to pay off debt. Credit card debt, outstanding loans, overdue car payments, and more can cause extreme financial stress.

House Cashin can help you pay what you owe and avoid dreaded debt collectors. Selling your home can help you get out of such an unpleasant situation. With House Cashin, you can get the funds to pay off your debts fast and have cash left to spare.

Neighborhood Crime

If the amount of crime has increased in your neighborhood, your quality of life can take a serious decline. In addition to a potential decline in property value, you may also worry about you or your family’s well being.

House Cashin understands your concerns and will never question your desire to move to a safer place. We absolutely respect your decision to protect yourself, your family, and your property, and we will begin the home sale transaction and relocation process for a quick, easy move.

Major Repairs Needed

The condition of your residence can critically impact the quality of life for you or your family.
Damage can occur any number of ways. Natural wear and tear, a neglectful past owner, or hidden issues from the point of purchase can lead to safety issues and a decline in property value.

If you cannot afford to make needed repairs, it may make more sense to sell your home and relocate to an updated residence. House Cashin can help you sell the house as it is. Leave the stress of repairs and renovations behind.

Cash In On Your Equity

Property taxes and homeowner’s expenses are on the rise. Now may be a good time to pull out your equity and move on from the financial burden of owning a house. We can help you sell your home and use the funds for new endeavors.

Travel the world, pay off your debts, or re-invest in a property more suitable for your needs. Whatever your desires, House Cashin can help you get the funds to make your dream a reality.




About Our Service

Your house is an asset, or so they say. What nobody tells you is that houses aren’t very liquid. While your bank might let you borrow money against your house, it’s tricky to sell.

Real estate transactions can involve weeks of maintenance, repairs, and staging, followed by a long marketing campaign. It might be months before you get a single offer on your home.

At House Cashin, we don’t want you to wait. We buy homes for cash. If you want to sell your house fast in Bryan, TX, we’ll make a fair offer as quickly as we can.

We hate long, drawn out negotiations as much as you do, and we’re experts on getting all of the bits of the closing process done in a jiffy.

We’re happy to make offers on homes in any condition and get you the quick cash that you need.

If you need money now, don’t let your house turn into a liability. Instead, call House Cashin and begin the process of turning your Bryan house into cash you can spend today.

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