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    If you accept our offer, we’ll prepare all the documentation and agree on a closing date after which you’ll get paid within a few days.






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We buy houses in these zip codes:

75002 | 75013 | 75025



Government Links

The City of Allen eGovernment Center

The City of Allen is committed to bringing more government services online. Request government services 24/7.

(214) 509-4100
305 Century Pkwy, Allen, TX 75013, USA

Tax Assessor-Collector: Collin County Tax Office

The Collin County Tax Office is responsible for levying, collecting, and distributing property taxes across the county.

(972) 547-5020
2300 Bloomdale Rd #2324, McKinney, TX 75071

Tax Appraisal District: Collin County Tax Office

The Collin County Appraisal District is tasked with identifying and accurately appraising properties to insure proper taxation.

(972) 547-5020
250 Eldorado Pkwy, McKinney, TX 75069

Local Resources

Property Tax Loan Services – Direct Tax Loan

If you own back property taxes in Allen, Direct Tax Loan can help you payoff your debt and save your home from foreclosure within a few days.

(866) 723-0321

Real Estate Attorney – Aaron C. Lee Law Firm, PLLC

Aaron C. Lee Law Firm, PLLC is a law firm with one thing in mind – helping you succeed in business and in your real estate transactions.

(469) 519-7814
1333 W McDermott Dr #200, Allen, TX 75013

Title Company – First American Title

Patten Law Firm is known to provide the best title insurance closing services in town.

(972) 396-1549
1002 Raintree Cir #102, Allen, TX 75013

Financial Institution for Loan – BB&T

At BB&T, we’re creating the best financial institution possible and you’re invited to join us on the journey.

(972) 649-9951
1005 W McDermott Dr, Allen, TX 75013

Home Improvement Services – Youthful Home

If you are looking for Allen’s best local home service providers, we have the top pick here for you.

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What can I expect from selling my house with House Cashin in Allen TX?

When you sell your house with House Cashin, you can expect a number of amazing benefits.

  • Aside from a hefty sum of cash, your stress will be replaced by accomplishment once the sale is complete.
  • Because House Cashin purchases homes in their “as is” condition, there is no need to repair, remodel or renovate.
  • House Cashin prides itself on being quick and efficient.
  • You’ll avoid the hassle and expense of working with realtors and real estate brokers.
  • The entire process is customized to your needs.

What is the cost of selling a house as quickly as possible in Allen TX?

There is no cost! This simple, straightforward process asks only one thing of you – to pick up your cash following the transaction!

What is the timeline for selling a house with House Cashin in Allen TX?

From start to finish, the entire process usually takes no more than one week or a week and a half.

What areas of Allen do you buy houses in?

We buy houses from any area and neighborhood in Allen. Here are some of the most popular neighborhoods where we buy homes in: Watters Crossing, Twin Creeks, Wetsel.


Reasons You Might Need To Sell Your House Fast

Facing Foreclosure

Are you sick and tired of stressing over the responsibilities that come with owning a home? When you quickly sell your Allen TX home with House Cashin, you banish the hindrance of property taxes and the possibility of foreclosure.

With the equity from the speedy transaction, you will be free to carry out your wildest dreams and adventures. Whether you use the cash to jet across the globe, or to purchase a new home that better complements your current lifestyle, there is no downside to selling your property with House Cashin.

You will be glad you took the chance when you have a pocketful of cash to spend however you wish.


Dividing property during a divorce is an unpleasant situation, no matter how amicable the split may be. Imagine having to deal with the burden of selling your home as well.

The traditional process is often long and dragged out, something you definitely do not need in a time of emotional turmoil. If you find yourself unable to make an agreement with your ex-spouse about who will keep the house, House Cashin is the perfect mediator to help you sell the property as quickly as possible.

We create custom real estate solutions based off your specific needs and ensure that both parties walk away happy and paid.

Job Loss/Transfer

Although the unemployment rate in Allen TX is steadily decreasing, you can never be too cautious when it comes to owning real estate. The security you enjoy today could be gone tomorrow.

By selling your house quickly with House Cashin now, rather than later, you eliminate the potential stress that comes with an unexpected job loss or forced relocation.

If you wait too long to sell, you could find yourself stuck dealing with the typical homeowner loan process, which can take more than 75 days. Get the cash now and rest easy knowing your future move will be an easy one.

Health Issues

In the event of a sudden serious illness or an accident, resulting in a severe physical damage, medical bills can skyrocket. Even if you have medical insurance it can be not enough to cover everything. For most people selling property is the last resort to save health or even life. If you are in need of quick cash to pay off your medical bills and are looking to sell your property as soon as possible – House Cashin will help you to get cash for your home in the shortest time. In many cases we helped our clients with their urgency closing sales in as little as 3 days.


If you are dreading the probate process following the death of a family member, you are not alone. Many people find the prospect daunting, especially when real estate and property is involved.

Do your loved ones a favor and quickly sell your home with House Cashin before it’s too late. Not only will you bypass the expense of transferring your real estate assets into a trust fund, you will also walk away with a large sum of cash.

Inheriting a piece of unwanted real estate can be equally problematic. If you sell with House Cashin, you can rid yourself of the property in record time.

Financial Problems

Many people who are desperate to sell their homes are struggling to pay off outstanding debts. This type of financial pressure will wreck havoc on all aspects of your life, especially when you have no resources or allies to turn to for help.

If you haven’t considered selling your home, it might be time to do so. A quick sale with House Cashin will calm your nerves and leave you with enough cash to pull yourself out of a sticky financial situation.

Those student loans, credit card debts and overdue traffic tickets will fade from your memory within days of selling your home.

Neighborhood Crime

Nobody deserves to feel unsafe in their own home. If you have found yourself living in a questionable neighborhood, it might be time to relocate to an area of Allen TX where you and your family can sleep soundly at night.

At House Cashin, we have great respect for people who make their family’s safety a priority. Regardless of your situation, we will create a personalized plan to get you out of your current home and into a new one as fast as possible.

In less than a month or a week, you can be safe and sound with a pocketful of cash.

Major Repairs Needed

Even the grandest of homes eventually fall apart. Unfortunately, leaky roofs, broken pipes and aging infrastructures are extremely expensive to fix. Oftentimes, people spend huge sums of money on repairs, only to have the same problem resurface months later.

Life is stressful enough without having to deal with the unpredictability of a house in disrepair. Rather than dealing with this headache day in and day out, sell your home quickly with House Cashin.

Without the stress caused by constant maintenance, you will finally have the time and the cash to find the pristine property you have always dreamed of.

Cash In On Your Equity

Owning a home can be a financial burden, especially with rising property taxes and lifelong mortgages. Luckily, it’s never too late to consider selling your home and collecting the equity.

The extra cash you will enjoy from selling your home as quickly as possible with House Cashin will go far. Whether you choose to invest your newfound funds in an exotic family vacation, pay off a tedious credit card debt or purchase a new property, we can guarantee you won’t regret your decision to sell.

Houses come and go, but the memories you could make with the extra cash from selling your home with House Cashin will last a lifetime.




About Our Service

House Cashin knows exactly how hard it is to put a home up for sale and get a buyer fast. If you want to sell a home in Allen, Texas, consider yourself covered.

We have assembled the best agents to ensure that the process is easy and fast. If you are looking for home buyers, we are the best. We save you the time spent in the bank by buying your home in cash.

This makes us the best shot for anyone who wants to sell their homes for quick cash. You do not have to worry about the condition of your home.

We buy it in any condition and handle any needed repairs ourselves. We also ensure that the money you get is worth the value of your home, and not less.

Selling your home will never be the same again. For convenience, House Cashin is the place. We save you both the stress and the time. Contact us today and enjoy the experience.

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