7 Tips on How to Sell Your House Fast in 2021

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Sell Your House Fast with These 7 Valuable Tips

Whether dealing with a job relocation or divorce, selling your house quickly is a must. Learn how to sell fast with this simple guide.

Let’s face it, selling your home can take weeks, months, or even years depending on various circumstances. Selling on your own or through a realtor may not have as promising of a timeline as much as we wish they did.

It’s frustrating when your home doesn’t sell quickly enough, especially with an unforeseen event that requires you to get out fast.


7 Ways to Speed Up the Home-Selling Process


1 Listen to What Potential Buyers Say

After taking a look at your home, what do people say? Do they mention they wish the backyard was more finished or that the house has an awkward layout?

Perhaps your price is too high, or your home needs a little something more to make buyers go wild. Put people’s opinions, the good and bad, into consideration.

If you’re just now putting your house on the market, consider asking friends or family to stop by to give their personal words of advice.

After all, what you think about your home doesn’t matter at this point; it comes down to what others think if they are to make an offer.


2 Update Your Curb Appeal

If you’ve learned anything from HGTV, you probably know that curb appeal is everything for some buyers. Some individuals are more concerned with what their property appears to outsiders.

Not only that, but great curb appeal will draw potential buyers to your home. If it looks nice on the outside, it must be nice on the inside, right? That’s the logic buyers–and neighbors–have.

If your curb appeal is boring, unfinished, or disastrous, it’s time to consider amping it up a bit. This may mean adding a fresh layer of bark, adding lawn lighting, setting out a porch swing, or planting some beautiful flowers.

A simple update can go a long ways; just make it look lively and inviting.


3 Add Minor Upgrades

If your home looks dingy or outdated, a few quick upgrades can’t hurt, right? Staining your kitchen cupboards, ripping out your old carpet, or buying a new coffee table may make all the difference.

Try to eliminate decor or furniture that is old-fashioned, worn, or has stains. Even if you have to hide stains by tossing a throw blanket or rug on it, this may be your best bet for saving money while attracting more buyers.

After all, sometimes you have to spend money to make money.


4 Hire Someone to Stage and Photograph Your House

Only a professional will know how to make your home look its best, both in person and through a photograph.

Find an individual who’s willing to bring your home to life and produce beautiful images that will attract buyers.

This photographs can be used in newspaper or magazine advertisements, online, or on flyers to give your home that extra wow factor.


5 Price Your Home a Little Lower Than the Property Value with the Hope to Encourage a Bidding War

The worst mistake people make when wanting to sell their home quickly is to sell it at or above value.

At this rate, you’re looking to selling your home on the average or below average timeline, not a quicker one. For the sake of wanting to sell quickly, opt for a lower asking price.

The idea with this is that potential buyers will be attracted to the cheaper price and likely make an offer much higher with the hopes to beat out several others.

Those who stick to a high asking price mean less will place an offer and may offer exactly or below what you want. You’ll end up with less offers to pick from.

Additionally, even if your home is the perfect fit for a family, a higher price will turn them away quickly thinking that the seller is picky.

Keep in mind that generally buyers will only place higher offers on low-priced homes if they think it’s worth it and will attract a lot of attention.

If your home is a hole-in-the-wall with mold, outdated appliances, and a dead lawn, your home may be worth the lower value. Make your home beautiful and worthy of a higher offer, but with a lower asking price.

This will make buyers frantic to snatch up your home, even if it means making an offer $20,000+ over your cheap asking price. (Anything to beat out other buyers.)


6 Leverage Social Media

Using social media, we have the power to reach thousands of individuals of all ages. Post your home listing on your social media accounts and on home listing websites.

Most online listings are free. You may find that posting photos of your home on Instagram with relevant tags and setting the location to your home town will drive in great traffic.

Definitely take advantage of social media if you have a high amount of followers, subscribers, or friends. Encourage your friends to share or repost your content regarding your home for sale.


7 Sell Your House Quickly with House Cashin

Your goal is to sell your home fast; not just to sell it. House Cashin is a dedicated company willing to purchase your home ‘as is’, all within 3 to 30 days. Plus, we stick to our timeline.

Your Texas property will be out of your hands and into ours in no time.

Best of all, you’re left with just cash; no additional fees or costs that normally occur during regular property sale.

Any fees are paid within the price we give to you in return to your property.

So if you’re ready to sell your house AS IS quickly, submit this form now and we’ll send you a cash offer within 24 hours.



Selling a home in the 21st century has its benefits. With social media, one can sell their home in a jiffy.

Additionally, a lower asking price and professionally staging and photographing your home can encourage a faster outcome.

Listening to what others say about your house and making much-needed upgrades or changes in curb appeal can make all the difference.

It may seem like a lot of work, but the extra work will be worth it for one who aims to sell their property fast.

Last but not least, selling your home through House Cashin can ensure any home sells fast. After all, reaching your deadline is what counts in this scenario.

Written by Brian Robbins

With over 20+ years of experience in real estate investment and renovation, Brian Robbins brings extensive knowledge and innovative solutions to the HouseCashin team. Over the years Brian has been involved in over 300 transactions of income producing properties across the US. Along with his passion for real estate, Brian brings with him a deep understanding of real estate risks and financing.