About House Cashin

Why should I sell my house to House Cashin?

First, we will give you the best home for cash offer guaranteed! Funding will be quicker than you have ever dreamed of, and the personalized service at your doorstep will be unbeatable.

I'm in a time crunch. Can House Cashin help me sell my house TODAY?

We sure can! Just give us a call and an hour or so to come see your property.  We can schedule a closing ASAP and have your cash ready within 72 hours after signing the contract. In most cases we close sales within a week. We prefer a quick property sale just like you!

How easy is it to sell my house to House Cashin?

Super simple! If you are considering to sell your house by owner, House Cashin is the perfect buyer. We will make the process quick, smooth, and lucrative for everyone involved. You can request a cash offer on our website or call us right now. Speak confidentially with our local property investor for a no-obligation CASH offer.

I have multiple real estate properties to sell. Will House Cashin purchase all my properties consisting of townhouses, condos, mobile homes, land, and commercial buildings?

Definitely! We can combine the sale of all the real estate you own and have a suitcase full of cash at your doorstep.

Is House Cashin different from a real estate agent?

YES! We are nothing like realtors. A realtor will help you list your property on the MLS, and hope that someone comes around to buy it. We, on the other hand, can make you an offer from DAY 1. If you have the time to wait 6-12 months to sell your home and pay out a 6% commission, then going to a traditional realtor might work for you. But if you want us to buy your house as soon as possible with no added fees, then call us today!


Outstanding Property Debt

I owe more on my mortgage than what my home is worth. Can House Cashin still buy my house?

Yup! We have great working relationships with banks to ensure a “short sale” can be accomplished.

I am behind on my mortgage. Will House Cashin buy my house for cash?

YES! We buy houses regardless of any outstanding mortgage debt you have. Our goal will be to have a fast home sale to get some equity back in your pocket.

I owe overdue property taxes and have a lien on my property. Will House Cashin consider purchasing my house?

YUP! We will get with the tax authority and lien holder to resolve past due debt. Once everything is squared away and the title is clear, we will buy your home.

I am in foreclosure. Will House Cashin still buy my home?

YES! We buy any house. Working with House Cashin will be the best way to sell your house so that you can leave with some money in hand.


Property Condition

My house needs some serious repairs. Will I have to fix those before your company buys my house?

Nope! We are investors that buy houses as-is.

I got a health code violation form. Does it have to be addressed before you buy the house?

Not at all! As a company that buys houses for cash, our specialty is fixing up any issues you have been dealing with in the past.

My residential property has been condemned. Will I need to fix the situation myself?

No. No. No. This is exactly why you called us. We buy ANY house in ANY condition.


Our Purchase Process

Will House Cashin be buying my house or listing it?

We don’t list houses for sale, We Buy Houses! And we buy them FAST!

How long will it take for you to purchase my house?

Normally, we have the home vetted and purchased within as little as one week. NO Repairs. No Closing Costs.

How do you determine the value of my house?

We look at a number of factors to give you a fair, no hassle all-cash offer!

  • Location of your residential property
  • Repairs necessary for the home
  • Age and condition of the house
  • Values of homes sold in the area
  • County appraisal values
What out of pocket costs will I be liable for with the home sale?

NONE! You will not need to cover any realtor commissions or fees. The offer prices is the exact amount of cash you walk away with.

How do I get an offer for my house?

All you have to do is call us or submit an online form with your contact information and property address. In most cases, we can make you an offer over the telephone within 24 hours.

Once I accept the offer, how do I get paid?

After accepting our home purchase offer, we will send over the contract and schedule a closing date ASAP. On the day of closing, you will walk away with money in your hands.